Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Melting, It's Melting

We went snowshoeing again on Monday.  Just Tibby and me.
It was warm!   40F!
I only needed to wear a sweatshirt instead of my heavy winter jacket.
All the snow is melting.

We found this weird eaten foot on the path.

The ski trails are mostly melted, so we walked on a new path.  It wasn't groomed for skiing anyway, so I don't think we ruined it.  We walked for over an hour and half.

I thought the path would never end!

Tibby was tired.
She slept on the way home in the sunshine.

And she slept on the way to class.

When we got home from class it was about 9:30pm.  I was tidying up some things and then I realized that Tibby wasn't right next to me (like she usually is).  I looked and looked for her.  Finally, I found her curled up underneath the covers on my bed.  She was so tired she put herself to bed!  That was a first.


Catalina said...

Path wasn't groomed for skiing, but snowshoeing is still not allowed. I got yelled and swore at by 2 skiers today. There was hardly a trail left! The rangers aren't grooming the trails anymore, because it was 50F and most of the snow is gone.
Random Acts of Kindness day? yeah right.

Sagira said...

I can't get over how much different she looks with the new hair cut. Are you going to keep it short? I think it looks super cute and with her pink coat...adorable.

scotsmad said...

That is one, tired pup.

SHE rugs up when the temperature gets down in the 60s.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Priscilla said...

A tired puppy means a happy puppy! Well done!