Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3rd Foundations Agility Class

Yesterday was our 3rd class.  We've had 3 classes canceled due to bad weather.
It was another fun class!
Of course, there had to be a few bad moments to offset all the good.
Remember that Tibby spent the weekend playing at Woof Dah with her new friends.  This was 24 hour a day wild and crazy play.  She was *slightly* tired for about 2 hours.  Maybe that gives you an idea about her stamina and energy level?  Bouncing off the walls!

We were a little early for class so we stopped at Petsmart.  This was Tibby's first time in a store.  She was (of course) not afraid of anything - automatic doors, lots of people, slippery floors.  She was calm for about three minutes, but not calm enough to take treats.  When she saw a Great Dane and then a Pomeranian her brain went crazy, "Dogs, dogs, dogs!"  She has a high pitched whiny half bark that she likes to use when she wants something.  Oh, and she was pulling on the leash like a linebacker.  Fun.

These were pictures before she saw the other dogs.

I bought her a few bully sticks and some duck jerky and then we left.

On to class.  We worked with our target and with the jump uprights.  The dogs went through the tunnel a couple times.  Tibby loves the tunnel!!  In the video she acts like she doesn't like it, but later on when we walked by it she decided to go through it on her own. 
Then we worked on rear awareness with 2 ladders.  We got to show off our tricks.  Tibby did her "Assume the Position" or "Frisk'em" trick - got the idea HERE.  Tibby did it perfectly!  I was so surprised/happy.  Unfortunately my Mom didn't tape it, so I don't have any proof, but trust me Tibby did a good job.  We practiced having the dog turn away from us.  We worked with the wobble board.  Tibby walked right on to it and moved around.  I was surprised!  I can tell that she doesn't really like it, but she will do it.  We also worked on loose leash walking.  Yeah......I think I might try having Tibby target a clip on my pant leg, because I've tried a lot of other methods including the 180 degree turn when the dog starts to pull (that we did in class) and nothing has worked so far.  Tibby is happy to walk back and forth all day in the same spot, as long as she is moving.  The last thing we did was play a game.  We played wildly with our dog and then (when the instructor told us to) stopped and had our dog sit or lie down.  It was kind of like musical chairs.  Tibby and I like that game!

Now the 2 bad things.  Tibby pooped in class and my Mom tapped the whole thing.  LOL  I'm not sure why she pooped, because she went right before class too. 
The 2nd thing was one of the dogs tried to attack Tibby.  It was really scary.  It went for Tibby's neck.  I put my leg between it and Tibby and yanked Tibby out of the way and behind me until its' owner could catch it.  When we come upon a stray dog on our walks I do the same thing - put Tibby behind me.  Not sure if that was a good idea?  Although, I guess my leg is a lot bigger than Tibby's neck to take a bite from a dog.    

We still had fun.

The video is a whole bunch of little clips put together.  My Mom can't always tell when the camera is on and so there were a bunch of less than 10 second clips.  The pooping fiasco is in about the middle of the video. 


scotsmad said...

Looks like she is really enjoying the classes!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I watched the video and didn't even notice that Tibby pooped in it! (And I watched the middle twice looking for it!). Too bad about that other dog getting loose and going at Tibby.

Elyse and Riley

OscarBlogger said...

Aw, I can't believe a dog tried to attack Tibby! That's no good. Glad to hear you guys had fun anyway though. Tibby sounds a lot like Oscar when he gets in PetSmart. He goes nuts there, pulls like mad on the leash and barks like crazy. :) And for the record, the 180 degree turn doesn't do much for us either...

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm glad to hear you got to go back to class too! Looks like Tibby enjoys herself but I am sorry another dog tried to attack her! I had a dog fly across a ring at me in a class once - he was HUGE and luckily one of the instructors helped mom get that big dog away from me!

Sagira said...

Glad that you were finally able to get back to class.

Good job in Petsmart not being scare of anything.

Sorry...but the pooping in the ring made me giggle. We have all been there and done that.