Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Search

First:  A baby Tibby picture!
This is from the day I brought Tibby home.  She slept in the passenger seat.  Not much has changed!

Now on to boring matters.  This post is about my search for an agility class and/or private lessons. 
 Feel free to stop reading now!
  Mostly this post is just for my own documentation - so I can keep everything straight.

Below are the places I contacted about private lessons.  The best time for a class would be Thurs. afternoon or evening.  Depending on how far away it is I would rather have afternoon. 

Organized according to their distance from my house - Starts at 1 hour and 20 mins.

Shall Be Training
Private lessons Monday evenings and Sat. and Sun. $25 for 1/2 hour.

Paws Inn Resort and Training
Monday 7pm Beg. Agility class.  Thurs. Handler's Anonymous.  No private lesson openings at this time.

Water's Edge Retrievers
Friday 6:30pm Beg. Agility class.  No private lessons.

Leader of the Pack
Tues. 7:30pm Beg. Agility class.  Private lessons Tues. and Thurs. afternoon.  Not really sure about their training methods.  They do tell students to bring treats to class.

So, I'm not really 100% for any of them. 

We are on the waiting list for a Silvia Trkman long distance class.  Either the Puppy Tricks class or the Foundations class.  Hopefully we get into one!  The next classes are supposed to be in a month.  Of course, the first classes filled up fast.
We are signed up for Puppy Boot Camp next Sat. at On The Run Canine Center.  It's just a one hour fun class.  Really I just want to see what the place is like and ask about private lessons.  We would only be able to go once or twice a month. If the price of gas keeps going up probably once a month. :(
Also, I would like to try and get to the TDAA trial at Agile Canines.  It would be the same day as the Boot Camp, so I don't know if we will make it.

So now you know!

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Sagira said...

You sure were cute (still are). Hope you're able to get into the classes that you really want. :)