Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2 Dog Team! Brace Agility!

We had so much fun playing agility tonight over at Zoe's house.  This video of Zoe's Mom, Zoe and Tibby all running together is SO CUTE!!  Brace agility!!  Watch out world, I think they are going to be an awesome 3 member team! LOL!!  So cute to see Tibby running for someone else.  Ha ha she ran better for Zoe's Mom than for me!

Silly girl, but OH SO CUTE!!  Funny how BIG she looks next to Zoe's Mom.  She always looks tiny next to me and then when people see her they say she's bigger than they thought.  I think she's just the right size :)

We did a lot of fun things tonight.  Next to the brace agility, my favorite thing was having Zoe and her Mom run around the course and Tibby and I stayed in the middle and did tricks.  Tibby did great!  Not perfect, but she was really wanting to chase Zoe (it was after the 'brace agility') and she stuck with me most of the time.  She is a smart little pup pup.

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