Thursday, May 10, 2012

When You're Not Watching

Tibby wakes me up every morning and asks to go outside.  Then she runs ahead of me and steals my place in the bed!  I don't mind, but I wish she wouldn't put her feet on my pillow!

"What?  You don't like this?"

"How's this?  Better?"

Also, beware the quiet kitchen.  I thought Tibby was being unusually quiet and I found that she had been using her long tongue to sample some frosting.  My fault for putting it so close to the edge.  I had a laugh about that.  I like it when she's naughty!  She's just naughty enough, but she could be a little naughtier if she wanted to.  The things she thinks of.....she's so cute and funny!

1 comment:

charlene and Storm said...

ahhh what a little cutey, nothing better than a dog stealing your pillow xxx

that cake looks so good i think i would steal a bit too, i could really eat some of that right now :P