Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Personal Play

I have been reading Denise Fenzi's blog and watching her training videos with her puppy.  I have learned a lot about playing with a dog.  Sometimes I want to slap my past self!  I really, really didn't know how to speak 'dog' when Tibby was a puppy.  Sorry Tibs :(  I'm trying to do better though! 

I love watching a whole string of the videos of Denise Fenzi's puppy Lyra and see the progression.  It's neat to see how her puppy learned and changed.  I like the way Denise interacts physically with Lyra.  When Tibby was a puppy I (extremely unfortunately) took the advice that any time Tibby tried to play with me physically - jumping on me, mouthing, pulling on my clothes - that she was trying to be dominate.  When in reality.....she just wanted to play and needed some redirection.

I'm still learning and I don't understand it all.  It being playing.  So I don't want to write like I'm some authority on it.  My attempts to play with Tibby are pretty hilarious.  I'm sure Tibby thinks I'm a little....slow.  But we are having A TON O' FUN!!!  We play a lot. 

Last night I tried personal play without a toy.  Tibby LOVED it!  She was better playing with me than with her favorite tug.  She played with me and I have the scars to prove it!  LOL!  Nah, not scars, just little scratches.  We wrestled and she chased me and I chased her and Tibby ran around like a crazy beast.  And then tonight we played again!  Even better - Tibby offered banging the teeter to start our play game.  Every time I would start to slow down, she would bang the teeter again - like a restart button!  Because OF COURSE I go crazy when she bangs the teeter!  Hee hee :)  She loves it :) 

So as a re-cap:  My hard to motivate dog likes to play with me :)  No toys or treats in sight.


charlene and Storm said...

ahhh so sweet, there is nothing better in the world than being silly with your dog xxx keep having fun xxx

Newdrim said...

Wow, that is such a wonderful discovery! Tibby must be really happy that she finally got you to play the way she wants :)

- Andreja

Miss Kodee said...

I read her blog too! Becky and I started Rally Obedience last yr and really love it. We just went to our first Fun Match. Have you seen the Kikopup videos for training on YouTube as well - they are great too.