Sunday, May 13, 2012

Agility Evening

I went over to Zoe's Mom's house today.   Lugged all my equipment and set up lesson 4 from the Silvia Trkman foundation course. 

It was a dog party over there today!  There was Tibby, Zoe, Benji and Niko.  Benji and Niko are her sister's dogs.  Niko is soooo cute!  He's a 3 1/2 month old Yorkie puppy.  He REALLY liked Tibby.  He was the size of a medium baked potato and Tibby looked like a giant next to him.  She was very patient with him - cute.  It's the first puppy she's ever played with.

After a nice (maybe too long) play session with all the dogs, Tibby was a little too tired for agility.  Her tongue was hanging way out :)
Of course, when we were done she had a plenty of energy to race around with the dog pack again.

I think we did pretty well.  It was fun.  Relaxed.  Just playing around :) 

She's very nice and tired now!

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Helen said...

It is FUN just playing around, after all isn't that the reason we do agility for the fun of it.