Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's Happening

We've had a nice relaxing vacation.  Tibby and I have taken a lot of naps and snuggled on the couch.  It's rained every day.  Good napping weather.  My Mom ran in a race yesterday - in the rain, 30 mph wind, lightning and rolling thunder.  Yeah.....they're crazy people!  My Mom won first place again.  Tibby is showing off her medal.  Also the hat that she won.

Lot's of hanging out in the garden, mine and my parent's garden, when it isn't raining.  Tibby hung out on the deck and watched me work for a few hours on Friday.  She even had her nice big bed to lay on! 

We tried to do some agility, but we got rained out.
It has been really, really rainy.  If it's not raining, it's getting ready to rain or drying off from raining or muddy, humid and mosquito-y.

We had delicious food.  Yummy smoky grilled dinner.

Tibby did a lot of this and a lot of chewing bully sticks.  She has like 7 partially chewed bully sticks now all around the house! 

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Asta said...

You look gweat in that hat and medal..congwatoolations to yoow Mom. She shoowe is bwave and stwong
I love yoow Bully Stick dance..that sneak attack is pawsome

I hope you get lots mowe of them soon
smoochie kisses