Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello! Slam!

I took Dhali with me today when I got my hair cut in Hutchinson.  He got to walk in a real downtown, with actually people walking around and lots of traffic.  He liked it a lot.  His favorite part was jumping (of course), but his 2nd favorite part was looking in all the windows.  
Imagine the scene:  You are sitting near the window in a very expensive restaurant.  As you cut into your free range something with organic something and rustic something else - BAM!  A tiny furry head pops up beside you!  It was SO FUNNY.  I laughed so hard. 
  Besides looking in the cafe and restaurant windows, he thought the 'lady' wearing the pink feathered dress should get up and come outside to play. Pink feathers!  The only thing he didn't like was a display of pumpkins - scary pumpkins!  So round and bumpy! 

Dhali got to wait in the car on a noisy, busy road while I got my hair cut.  And it was dark.  Then he got to meet my hair stylist.  He was a little surprised to be woken up and taken out to meet a stranger, but it was ok.  Then we stopped at a gas station and he walked around, but did not potty.  He jumped a lot though.  Jump, jump, jump!  So cute.
And I almost hit 3 deer and then got rear ended by a semi on the way home.  Almost.  

Now a video of Dhali cuteness and Tibby too.  My Mom asked me not to teach Dhali this trick, but I taught it to him anyway.  Tibby follows people around closing doors.  It's great unless you want to get something out of the cupboard.  Then Tibby is like, "Um, hell-o?  I just closed that."  Wham!  "Now it's closed again.  Well, you should have moved your hand faster!  I was obviously closing the door - since it's my job and all."  


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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

What great helpers! Tricks are fun :)