Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Boring Walk

Hoo-ray!  We had a boring walk.  Tibby wasn't reactive AT ALL.  Zero.  Zip.  She saw dogs that barked at her and she didn't bark at them or stare at them or lunge at them.  She saw men and she didn't growl or lunge or bark.  We just took a nice walk.  The dogs wrapped their leashes around me at every step, so it wasn't a fast walk, but what a nice boring walk.

Now the question is:  Was it because of the 1/2 tab of benadryl I gave Tibby at lunch time (6 hours before our walk) that made the difference?  Tibby has been having some itchies due to those stupid ticks that bit her last week.

"I had nothing to do with this mess."

"I'm just supervising."

"He did it."

"You're in trouble now.  I told on you."

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