Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tibetan Tuesday!

What a beautiful day today!  And I had to work until 5pm - boo.  But I was able to get outside twice during the day.  During lunch the pups were so lazy.  They just wanted to lay in the sun.  I took Dhali shopping this evening.  It went much, much better than last time.  I had meatballs as a treat and he couldn't take his eyes off of me LOL!  He walked around very nicely and I was able to reward him with something he wanted.  He decided that whenever we stopped moving that meant he needed to sit beside me.  And wait for his treat!  He's fun to take places.  When he is waiting in the car, he goes to sleep in his crate.  When I take Tibby and have her wait in the car,she barks the entire time and drools/pants - gets herself very worked up.  Awww Tibby......

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