Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dhali the Acrobat

No pictures of yesterday's adventure.  Of course, the one time I don't take my camera Dhali does something amazing. 
I left work early and took the dogs for a hike.  Note to self: End of Oct., while beautiful, is not a good time to go hiking.  Tick-splosion.  Yuk.  I picked a ton off of Tibby and a ton went down the drain when I gave Tibby and Dhali a bath.  I only found one crawling through Dhali's fur pre-bath, but I think some of his probably went down the drain.

It was still a nice hike.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  So we hiked a long way, because I wanted to get to the lake.  Tibby doesn't like water, but Dhali does!  We finally got to the lake and went down to the shore.  The lake was beautiful - completely still and glassy.  Dhali had fun ripping up and down the sand beach, jumping in and out of the water.  It was cold, but he still went wading up to his belly.  Tibby was willing to walk on the beach - which is a big difference.  She even had her tail up.
There is a branch that hangs out over the beach and over the water.  It was about 4 feet off of the sand.  I had to jump up a little to sit on it.  And it wiggled up and down when I sat on it and my fingers met when I wrapped my hands around it to measure it.  Anyway, there is a point to this story......

So, I'm sitting there watching Dhali run around.  Dhali sees me sitting there and comes running full speed, jumps up and lands perfectly on the branch.  He stands there looking around, walks up and down the narrow branch and then sits down and looks around and then jumps down and tears around the beach again.  OMG!  How did he do that?!  He is really not afraid of anything. 

Then he was running around in and out of a marshy area and instead of running underneath a big root sticking into the water.  He jumps right over it - like 4 feet high again!    

Water and sand really get him revved up.  He was a crazy puppy all the way back to the car.  Tibby did not appreciate his craziness, because it ends up with him trying to wrestle her and their leashes get all wrapped up.  Also, he bites her feet.  Stinker.

So they got baths and brushed and were beautiful.  Then Dhali went outside and came back in covered in stickers and mud.  Where does he keep finding these stickers!?!?!  Argh!

I noticed this morning that he is taller than my knee when he sits next to me.  He's getting so big! 

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Helen said...

They grow up so fast, sometimes I wish puppyhood lasted a little bit longer.