Wednesday, October 3, 2012

That Toy Is Bleeding?

NOTE - * The bunny in this post is NOT the bunny pictured.  The bunny pictured is Tansy who is just fine and lounging in his carpeted bedroom munching on orchard grass with his bunny buddy Kiwi. *

Dhali likes to carry toys around in his mouth.  He always tries to take a toy outside or bring one inside.  I try to stop him taking them in and out, because they get wet and sandy outside.  
Last night I grabbed a toy out of his mouth as he was coming back inside.  It was dark.  The toy was furry.  The toy was bleeding!!
And Dhali was NOT giving it up.  Uh uh, no way.  It was his toy.

Yup.  It was a dead bunny.  I tricked him into dropping it in the grass - waving a kleenex around in front of him.  Then I grabbed both dogs and put them inside.  Now I had to find the bunny in the dark!  Found a flashlight and pushed my way outside again past two very determined dogs - they wanted their prize back!

It was freshly killed and a small teenager bunny.  I think Catty probably caught and killed it and then the dogs stole it.  Or she might have abandoned it and they just found it, she's done that before too.  I don't think Dhali actually killed it, but that is a possibility too, I guess.  More likely Catty though, because she's always killing little birds, mice and bunnies. 

Yuck.  So gross.  Bad enough to find a dead bunny, but to grab it in the dark when I though it was a toy?  Ewww!!!!!

It's weird, but Catty will sleep next to the pet bunnies and then go outside and kill a wild bunny.  

"Hey, I guy's gotta try!"


scotsmad said...

Great teamwork. SHE would have freaked out!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Helen said...

After I first put in my fence, Ceilidh and Tucker killed a bunny. There wasn't a mark on it so I assumed they had cornered it and it died of fright. What alerted me was frantic barking followed by a period that was just too quiet. I didn't grab it with my hand though, yuck.