Friday, October 5, 2012

What Makes Them Want?

This is a little video of Dhali and Tibby 'training'.  Dhali just playing and throwing in a tunnel or jump wrap.

Tibby?  Still trying to find out what makes her tick.  A couple days ago I was playing with Dhali out in the yard and Tibby acted like she wanted to play too, so I sent her to a jump and she ran over, wrapped it and ran back to me.  I was about 20 feet away and very surprised that she #1 knew how to do that and #2 WOULD do that.   So I tried a tunnel and directed her to different ends of the tunnel and different sides of the jump to wrap.  All without me moving at all.  She likes that.

Strange dog, huh!?  She doesn't want me to move OR to touch her.  A couple times in the video I'll reach down to pet her and she's like, "Eww!  Keep your hands to yourself!"

So I wanted to see if it was just a one time thing that she felt like doing the other day and we tried it again last night.  First I got Dhali out and played with him and when Tibby started to bark and act like she wanted to play too I got her out.  And she did it again!  Not quite as well as she did the other night, but still I was impressed that she wanted to do ANYTHING at all.  It's been a long, long time since she acted interested in anything agility related.

So what can I do now?  At least I know that she #1 knows how to do agility - wrap jumps, send, take directional directions (?), ect.  (So I guess I'm not THAT bad of a trainer LOL!)  #2 she has at least a tiny desire to do agility.  Now I try to build on that tiny desire without smothering it.
This is going to be interesting.  I wonder if I just stood in the middle of the yard and directed her to do would that go?  Guess I'll just have to find out!

In other news - Dhali is loosing his teeth!  And he hasn't lost his love of tugging!  Yay!  Or biting me in the leg, arm, butt.... I now have exactly ONE pair of pants without Dhali bites in them.  ONE.  And I have a lot of pants.  He reminds me of an aussie.  Jump, jump, jump!

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Catalina said...

When I say Tibby runs I really mean she trots :) Not a speedy girl!