Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dhali's First Dog Park

We went to the dog park today.  It was Dhali's first visit.  He liked it a lot.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  Tibby had a nice time too, but Dhali had more fun - racing around and jumping.

He LOVES to jump.  His favorite thing is to run up behind you and jump on your back.  He jumps as high as my shoulders and uses me as a springboard to do a turn and then run away again.  Or sometimes he just jumps, jumps, jumps as you are walking.  He likes to get as close as he possibly can - trying to trip me?!  I'm sure this isn't good for his growing body, but other than keeping him on a leash (and he still does it then) I don't know how to stop him.  And he's having so much fun.  Such a silly puppy.  I do wish he would watch where he is landing though!

He finally got to run full speed in a big area and wow! he is so fast!  Tibby couldn't keep up or catch him.  He's like a little race car!


Helen said...

Boy if he's doing turns off your back, maybe you should try freestyle disc.

Anna the GSD said...

If he's too fast, maybe he needs a racing helmet, or stripes?? hee hee...I bet if you had a Rally place around you they'd love to have his need for speed!!

Catalina said...

Helen - I wish I knew how to train that! He would love it. I have a little soft frisbee that we play around with - he loves to tug and chase it down when I roll it on the floor.