Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Parvo and a Fall Walk

Yesterday, I took Dhali to the vet for his Parvo vaccine.  It was a little bit scary walking into the office, because there were big red signs everywhere saying, "If your puppy is under 5 months old, please DO NOT let them walk on the grass.  Please carry your puppy into the office.   DO NOT set them down.  We have a SEVERE outbreak of Parvo virus in this area."  and "If you dog has vomiting, diarrhea or lethargy please DO NOT bring them into the office.  Leave them in your vehicle and come into the office to talk to the vet." 

So we went in and had to wait again - 45 mins.  Even though we were right on time!  I hate waiting there, but Dhali didn't seem to mind laying against my chest and resting.  He had been up since 6am running and playing, so he was ready for a little nap.

Someone waiting with their black GSD thought he was a full grown dog...again.  Not sure why everyone thought/thinks Tibby is a baby puppy, but at 8 weeks people thought Dhali was an adult???  He looks like a puppy to me!

Had an exam and he did great showing his teeth (we have been working on that), but flipped out about having his ears looked at.  Although, after he had his little fit he relaxed and let the vet look in his ears with out a peep or movement.  He has some big teeth coming in and has lost a bunch of baby teeth.  Mostly in the front.  This morning I noticed that he'd lost a couple more, so now he doesn't have any little teeth on the bottom!  Looks very cute :)

Vaccine was not an issue at all, I don't think he even noticed. 

He weighs 15.5 lbs!!!  BIG boy!  Tibby weighs 22lbs, so he is catching up to her.  He's almost as tall as Tibby too.  So 4 months old and he weighs 15.5lbs.  Although the .5 might be from his new leather collar LOL!  It's heavy!

After the vet we went to Runnings and I let Dhali pick out a reward.  He picked a pig's ear.  Not what I would have chosen, but he grabbed it out of the bin and was SO HAPPY with his prize that I let him keep it.  He was really good in the store.  They were washing the floor with a big machine and he just looked at it and kept on trucking after me.  hee hee 'trucking' - his litter name was Convoy....hee hee.

Then we went on a long, long walk to look at leaves and take pictures.  My Mom went with me, which was really nice, because I got to take some pictures with my pups.  I have a lot of pictures to post now!

Tibby wants to show you that she isn't scared of leaves any more.  Last year she would have freaked out about just one leaf on the deck, but now it's not even an issue!

Family picture from our hike.


Asta said...

Hewo tibby and Dhali
Gweat news that Tibby, you'we not scawed of the leaves anymowe and dhali, what a bwave and good Baby Pup you awe..
i love youw pawtwaits and youw family pictoowe
smoochie kisses

scotsmad said...

He looks like he's got it all under control!!! As usual.

Our friend Zuleika got parvo a few months ago and she'd had all the needles. However, because of the vaccinations, and getting onto the problem early she's fine. We didn't know pups could still get it when vaccinated.

Glad Tibby can enjoy the leaves this year.

XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

Catalina said...

Hi Asta! How's fall in Europe? Do you have lot's of pretty leaves too?

Daisy, Bella and Roxy - Yeah the vet said one of the puppies in town that recovered from Parvo had had the vacc., but only the first shot, so she got it, but was able to recover with just a little treatment. There have been a large number (according to the newspaper) that have died :( and they weren't vacc. at all.

Diana said...

Great picture of the three of you!!!

Catalina said...

Diana - Thank you!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yikes about the Parvo outbreak! I would have freaked out about those signs.

Miss Kodee said...

Ah a new puppy - I didn't know! He is adorable and bet Tibby loves having a friend. I hate the Vet's office for that exact reason, especially for puppies!