Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dhali's First Snow!

The summer baby's first snow fall!  He thought it was fun and Tibby was happy to show him how to play in snow.  Weeeee!

The next three pictures are what happens when you call Dhali's name:

You get a little fur ball looking for his treat!

He has an AMAZING recall.  I want to keep it forever and ever!  I reward it a lot.  


Asta said...

So many fiwsts fow little dhali
that snow looks like so much fun! and he is such a good boy to come wight away when called..I bet you, tibby taught him all you know
smoochie kisses

Winnie said...

Dhali is very good at recall. And that snow loooks terrific fun!


Love and licks, Winnie

Anna the GSD said...

Snow?!?! Wow! Guess it's that time of year! Looks like a blast!!

corbinwooten said...

Can't believe it's time for snow already!

I love to see the dogs in the snow, they have so much fun :)