Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Franken Leg Day

The last few days have been busy.  We had a craft/bake sale at work on Friday.  I sold quite a lot of stuff, so yay!  I also bought quite a lot of stuff too.  :P

Here is my little spot in the craft sale.  I didn't have a great spot, but oh, well.  We each had 30 inches to display our things.  

Dhali thinks he is a cat now.  He's been able to do this for a few weeks now.  He just jumps.  Straight up and onto the top level.

I stuck him in the middle level, because it was funny and he doesn't care.

Today I took Dhali to an indoor agility trial for some socialization.  He did SO SO GOOD!  I was so happy with him.  It's very relaxing to take him places, because I don't have to be constantly managing the situation.  He sat and did tricks and watched me it the middle of everything going on around him.  He looked at dogs and people without lunging at them.  He saw dogs outside pottying and he didn't lunge at them.  He did not potty the entire time.  
Such a strange little guy.  I never had to worry about Tibby pottying.  She goes a lot and goes any where.  Any way, I'm tired after the 5 hour drive and I didn't actually DO anything.  Can's imagine how tired I would be if I actually ran a dog!
One funny thing he did, "There was a man standing next to us and he had a camera with the strap hanging down next to him.  Dhali tried to reach up and grab the strap!  But I caught him just in time.  He's pretty brave!

Now on to the franken leg.......Sooooo I wanted to pluck Dhali's ear hair last night and he didn't want me to.  He hasn't had a good ear plucking yet and he's getting bigger.  It won't get easier, so I drew a line last night - so ear fuzz was getting plucked.  Dhali ended up with one hair-less ear and I ended up with a little bit less skin.  He got my leg really good and little on my arm and one swipe on my face.  The leg is the worst.

Right after it happened.  Ow!  It hurts so much, but doesn't look too bad.

A couple hours later.  Ow!  Still hurts, looking worse.

Today.  Not looking so great and still hurts, but not too much.
Dog scratch fever?  I hope not.

It was a slightly traumatic experience, but apparently didn't do any lasting harm, because Dhali brought me his tug toy afterward and wanted to play for a long time.


Diana said...

Dont think I would be plucking any dog hairs. LOL Shelties wouldnt come back to you after that. Dhali is a trooper.

Julia Dobbs said...

i pluck a few hairs each week since they were about 16 weeks old. they are fine with it now, makes them want to scratch their ears when i do it. teach him to lie down for grooming, and ear plucking can become part of the grooming routine! he`s coming on a treat, well done

Catalina said...

LOL! The joy of having a non-shedding breed!