Monday, October 8, 2012

Daily Dose of Dhali

Today's Dhali cuteness:  I let him sleep on the bed with me (and Tibby).  He slept straight through for almost 10 hours!  And he didn't get up even once.  Tibby tends to snark at him if he moves around too much, so he's learned quickly to stay still or deal with the drama queen!  He's such a cute little snuggle baby.  

I think they were both very tired from all the running around they did yesterday.  They ran and ran and played all day long.  Very cute!  Tibby instigates a lot of the play which is nice to see.  She LOVES to get chased and loves to chase Dhali too.  Although he's not quite fast enough yet for her to really open up and run after him.  

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