Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rainy Day

This is a picture of Dhali after he fell off the back of the couch and landed on the window sill.  He was comfy there and took a little rest (eyes open, of course).  
It is raining very hard,  so my plans of a nice long hike today have been canceled.  I like to hike in the rain, but it is cold and raining really hard.  I don't like getting soaked with TWO muddy dogs.  
I know we have been in a drought, but it was nice while it lasted - now there are muddy footprints and washing muddy feet all day long!  And Dhali's little holes, that he's dug all over the yard, are filling with mud which is even more fun to play in......oh, little puppy!

I actually think the 2 fluffy tails have been trying to either kill me or control me with sleep deprivation.  Monday night I got very little sleep - Dhali barking in his crate, Tibby standing by the bed gently woofing in my face or jumping on and off the bed.  I let them outside, thinking they might have an emergency - nope, they just wanted to play and sniff around.  Ok, back to bed.  I put them both out of the bed room.  Then I had Tibby barking AND Dhali barking.  Tibby barks REALLY, REALLY LOUD. sleep for me.
Tuesday night - same thing.  I tried to get them very, very tired, but after the lights went out they became little nocturnal yipping jumping beans again.  Ugh. 

 You know how you wake up in the night and see that you only have x amount of time left to sleep, before you have to get up?  So frustrating! 

Even more frustrating - the next morning when I'm soooo tired, after they kept me up all night, the two night owls are crabby and sleepy.  They don't want to get up - "We're sleeeeepyyy!"  Yeah, well so AM I!!  But I don't get to sleep all day like you two lazy bums.

So last night they got me up maybe twice.  I honestly don't remember.  This morning I let Dhali out at 5:30ish and he just wanted to sleep on the outside bed.  I left the door open a little bit, so I could hear him when he wanted back inside and I went to sleep on the couch.  And I really fell asleep!  Poor little guy was 'pounding' on the door to get back in.  He does look like he has little fists drumming on the door and he whines so pitifully.  He whines better than any dog I have ever met.  It's sounds so sad!  I don't think I've ever heard Tibby whine....hmm, interesting.  Another thing that is different about them.

So we slept in this morning and Dhali snuggled and cuddled with me.  Tibby left and went to sleep on the couch.  Now they are both asleep on the couch - all curled up and cute.

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