Monday, October 29, 2012

Dhali's Height Chart

This is the height chart I started in Aug. for Dhali.  I marked Tibby's height and then every once in a while I mark Dhali's height.  Sometimes I just make him stand next to it to see if he has grown some more or if it is just my imagination.  I used an eye pencil, so some day I can wash it off.  
Dhali is almost as tall as Tibby!  But she is still bigger than him - lengthwise and bulk/muscle/substance.

Look at how much he grew from 9-28 to 10-28!  It's over an inch.  Or from 8-20 to 9-28?  A huge growth spurt!  According to this Tibby is exactly 16 inches.  That means Dhali is just slightly under 16 inches.  I'm thinking he might be taller than Tibby.  Of course, she shot up and then settled as she matured, so it's any one's guess!

Big Boy Dhali

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