Monday, November 19, 2012

Craiglist Agility Dog - Poodle!

I sometimes search craigslist for used agility equipment.  Once I *almost* got a bunch of jumps, but someone beat me to them.  Today I found a dog.  He is so beautiful!  Check it out - black standard poodle

Not sure what the owner means by, "He went through the tunnel immediately then ran up the ladder and jumped over the gate. He's a natural."  He jumped over the gate?  Hmm...isn't he beautiful though???  Wow!  Anyone need me to foster him??? LOL! 

After re-reading the post a few times I think what they want is someone to train and compete with their dog for free.  Yeah.  I wish someone would do that with my dogs wait!  I don't!  That's the whole point, in my opinion, doing something fun WITH your dog.

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