Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy 2 Years Blog

Today is the day, 2 years ago, when I finally got up the courage to write the first Just A Pup post and ask the great big internet world for HELP!  
Here is the first post: #1 post a call for help.  I  felt a lot more desperate than that post sounds, even though it sounds pretty desperate.
At the time I had a puppy that tried to run away from me to any stranger she saw.  Lunged at other dogs.  Lunged at cars.  Chased the cat endlessly.  Barked at other dogs.  Was terrified of manhole covers in the road.  Kept me up all night long.  Pulled on the leash like a monster, even though we had been through obedience classes and used a gentle leader,halti, harness, ect., ect.  Tried to jump up on anyone that stopped to pet her.  Wasn't interested in hanging out near me - I had her leashed to me (slept with a leash tied to my arm for a long time).  Was not even 10% potty trained - even though I spent hours and hours outside with her waiting for her to potty and had her attached to me with a leash when we were inside.  Sometimes ate her food, but mostly didn't want to.  Flipped out if I tried to brush her - screaming, lots of screaming.  Was terrified of being crated.  Barked and threw a fit (drool all over the windows - see no crating above) if I left her in the car for a second.  Wouldn't settle - ever.  Learned something, knew how to do it, would ignore me if I asked her to do it.  WOULD NOT COME WHEN CALLED.  Peed on the floor- after we had been outside for hours.  I would take her for miles and miles of off leash hiking and she would run and run - then go home and keep me up all night bouncing off the walls.  Family and friends refused to come over because she was so hyper.

So yeah.

2 years ago I was tired, my house was getting trashed and I was having to decide between human friends and my new puppy.  We all know the puppy won, but it was a struggle at the time.

2 years later what do I have?  A dog that is reactive to strangers, hates men, reactive to other dogs, will still run away if given the chance, but might not run too far, is afraid of a million things, keeps me up at night asking to go outside for no reason, still blows me off when asked to come, sometimes eats, sometimes doesn't, freaks out when I leave her in the car, sometimes ignores me when I ask her to do something.

But I also have a friend that has traveled all over the state with me, chooses me as her only person, ignores guests when they come over, snuggles with me at night, is potty trained!, can be left at home during a work day and she is calm, gives the best welcome home kisses and cuddles, can be groomed for hours and hours without a complaint, follows me around closing doors - hoping for string cheese, put up with me when I was learning how to groom a TT and all the lessons, classes, events and seminars I've made her go to.  Other people may not be able to see it, but Tibby is a loyal dog.  She loves me with all my faults and I love her even when she makes me cry.  I think she is beautiful and perfect and it frustrates me that other people can't see how wonderful she is.  She has taught me and humbled me.  I love her.  Only because, I chose her and she's mine.  She chose me and I'm hers.  Through the good times and the bad times, in sickness and in health - she's stuck with me :)

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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Some dogs teach us SO much. Those are the dogs who we love so much it hurts.