Monday, November 12, 2012

The Vet With Three Pets

Enjoy these snuggling puppy pictures!  Not at all related to this post!

I took Catty, Tibby and Dhali to the vet this morning.  First I just brought Catty into the office.  Again we had to wait FOREVER.  Glad I just brought her and had the other 2 wait in the car.  It's weird the way we treat cats and dogs differently.  Dogs are expected to just deal with strange situations/new places and cats are expected to be freaked out and scared.  Why can't dogs get scared?  They do obviously.  Humans just have much higher standards for dogs, I guess.

So Catty gained some weight!  Yay!  She is now 7.3 lbs.  That's her average weight, so good.  Now my Mom can stop worrying that she is starving to death.  You really can NOT make a cat eat.  They do what they want.  At least Catty does what she wants. 

Catty also got some topical wormer (I don't think she has ever been wormed and she catches/eats little animals all the time) and 2 shots - rabies and leukemia.

Tibby was next.  I took Catty out to the car and brought Tibby in really fast, so she didn't have time to even think about what was going on.  She was too nervous to take any treats during her exam and she peed on the exam table.  She really doesn't ever have any fun at the vet.  First, she had her eyes looked at.  She has these strange white marks across the pupil on her eyes.  They look like white milky oily circles.  That's the best description I can give you.  I've tried to take a picture of them, but they are on the surface of her eye, so they don't show up.  The vet wasn't worried about them and said her eyes looked fine.  Next was the anal glands.  Tibby has a lot of trouble with her anal glads - they bug her.  The vet remembered that Tibby tried to bite her last time....
And I asked for a referral to a veterinary behaviorist.  The vet had offered the referral a few months ago, but I have been debating taking her.  Yesterday Tibby was especially weird - alarm barking/freaked out by a coat, yes a blue coat, so extra scary.  We'll see what the behaviorist thinks.
She weighed 23.9 pounds.  
Again I took her out to the car really fast, so she didn't have to look at anyone or see anything scary.

Dhali was next.  He weighs 18.6.  He was a good boy.  Didn't like the vet looking in his ears or mouth, but willing to eat treats and do tricks.  He got his final parvo vaccine.  The vet still wants me to get Dhali neutered asap.  They even sent me a coupon for $15 off the surgery, but I have to get it done before the end of December.  She also said his canines that haven't fallen out might need to be surgically removed.  They gave me an estimate for the neuter + tooth removal = $263.  If his teeth fall out that will save me $75!  Let's go play some tug and loosen up those teeth!  LOL! 

   We played a little 'look at that' when another dog came into the reception area while I was waiting to pay.  It works really well!  I still don't know if I'm playing it correctly, but it was effective at keeping him from staring at the lady sitting in the chairs and the woman waiting with her cat at the desk.  It helps that he is so willing to work.  

Overheard while we were waiting:  Woman dropping her cat off to have its claws removed, "Does she really need pain medication?"
Vet tech, "Well, they have to remove past the first bone on each joint, so yes she does need pain medication.  It's actually a very painful operation.  And the meds. will cost $20."
Cat's owner, "Hmm, really?"

Uh, yeah lady!  How would you like to have the tips of each of your fingers cut off.....without pain medication???

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glad all went well at the vets x

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