Friday, November 2, 2012

Teeth and Only Teeth

Dhali's mouth is crazy right now.  His big canines are growing in and his baby teeth are not falling out!  They refuse to go!  I know that at least one of his back teeth has fallen out, because I stepped on it.  OUCH!  Very sharp.  3 prongs - stuck into my foot.  Ow.

I was complaining about his sharp little canines and now he not only has them he has added 4 more.  omg.  It has to hurt -right?  He doesn't seem to act any different.  Tugs and plays the same.  


He also has ONE itty bitty baby tooth in the front that is still hanging on.  Can you see it?  It's a little snaggle tooth on the bottom row, right side.  Right next to his lovely SETS of canines.

And here are Tibby's teeth, just for fun.



Snip! Snap!  Big Teeth!

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