Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nurse Tibby and Dhali The Kleenex Attacker

I have been sick for the last 4 days. sick, sick, sick.  I'm sick of being sick.  Never thought I would get tired of sleeping in and laying on the couch all day watching Netflix, but yeah....sick of being sick.  

I also haven't had any voice for 4 days - it's starting to come back today, so the dogs have been getting used to a lot of silent hand signals.  Tibby has been a very good nurse, she sleeps on my chest and keeps me warm.  Although, maybe she's sleeping on me because I'm laying in her spot on the couch....

Dhali is good at making me keep alert.  He LOVES used Kleenex.  It has to be used.  Yuck.  I know.  If he hears me blow my nose, he comes running from any where in the house and dives with a open mouth full of teeth at my face.  He's trying to get the Kleenex, I know, but still it's scary to see that many teeth coming for your face.  So I have learned to do covert nose blowing and fast, then hide the Kleenex.  

Tibby is also obsessed with used Kleenex, but she is sneakier.  I'll wake up to find a fluffy dog laying across my chest and picking my pockets for used Kleenex (where I have hidden them from Dhali).  

I will admit in my feverish haze the Kleenex stealing does make me feel a little bit like a celebrity. 

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