Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Now A Tight Squeeze

Same puppy and same crate, just a few months, but what a difference! 

Dhali can still fit into his baby crate, but it is a TIGHT squeeze!  So cute!  He thought it was a good trick and kept doing it all night.  I finally had to lure him out of it and take the crate out to the garage, because he was sure that I was going to give him more treats for squeezing into the little crate.

Right now running into his crate is his favorite 'trick'.  Whenever he is hungry or smells something tasty he runs to his crate and sits against the back wall....waiting...and hoping.  

Dhali squeezing into his baby crate - the crate I brought him home in when he was 8 weeks old.  That was only 17 weeks ago!  July to November - that went by fast.


Diana said...

Thats so cute. Puppies grow up to fast.( or not fast enough depending on your point of view. LOL).

Helen said...

That's funny. I was at an agility trial this summer and the weather was terrible, pouring rain on and off all day. When it would rain I would put Beckett and Keltic back in the car. I was still using a crate in the car for Keltic at the time. It was Beckett's old baby crate. When I would go to get them out, who do you think was in the crate... Beckett. He can just barely get in and turn around.