Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Agility Class Table, Tire and Tunnel OH MY!!

We went to class again tonight.  I was able to leave work 45 mins early, so I went home and ran around like crazy with Tibby for 1/2 an hour - before we drove to class.  I'm not sure if it made any difference, but next week I plan on taking her for a nice 2 hour hike before class.  She just has too much energy.  Is it possible to have too much? 

She was a very good girl at class.  There was one spot where she went tunnel- jump-weeee!-run to a dog that I have been trying to get to all night - I'm free! - Tibby? Who's that?  Come?  What's that?  But overall she was a good girl.  The class goes by really fast. 

We had a new dog in our class tonight.  The reactive BC is gone and now there is a Yorkie.  Tibby was positive that the Yorkie wanted to play.  Um, no.  It will rip your face off, but play -NO.  The BC was, I guess, a rescue that didn't work out.  I've been there, so I will not judge.  I guess the BC, named Lucky, bit my classmate's 3yo daughter and then bit my classmate.  So Lucky had to go back to the rescue.  I feel bad for my classmate, because she really tried a lot of things with Lucky, but maybe she needed the help of a professional behaviorist + meds.   Probably not a home with 3 kids under 7.  Just saying.....

Anyway, back to awesome Tibby!  I wish I could let her bark during class.  I would just like to see what she would do.  She wants to bark.  But barking gets you the hairy eyeball from everyone.  Yeah she does have a piercing bark.  I would also like to have her go in a crate when we are waiting for our turn.  It's a little exhausting keeping her entertained between runs.  The other dogs in the class lie down when they're waiting.  Tibby bounces around, wants to play the focus game, look at that or show me her 5,000 adorable tricks and get treats!  The treats part is most important.  If I put her in a crate then she would bark and crate + bark = hairy eyeball.

There is some guy that comes and watches our class.  I don't know if it is the instructor's husband or father? but he make such random comments.  I'm pretty sure that if Tibby was barking in her crate he would "get involved".  If I have to hear about how amazing obedience trained dogs are I will throw a barking doolally!!!  He actually reminds me of my step-grandpa.  I have to constantly say to him, "Be nice to Tibby.  Be gentle.  Careful."  Of course, he has dementia.

Wow!  You made it this far into my rambling post!  Congratulations!

I made these treats for class using a dehydrator and ham.  Tibby liked them a lot.  I could break the ham up into tiny pieces and my hands didn't get all wet and gross.

Tibby is the only dog in class that drinks water (during class).  She drinks about 1/2 a cup to a cup in the hour long class.  Probably because she is eating treats i.e. meat. 

So want to see some clips from tonight's class?  Remember it is a full moon out there!  I tried to add some fun music, but Youtube kept crashing, so just mute the sound.  UNLESS you LIKE hearing florescent lights and me yelling stupid things! LOL!!!

Our best run. Also the longest one. I run into the weave poles. Who puts weave poles there?!?! After 2 other people did the same thing, she moved the stupid weave poles. BUT look at how Tibby stays with me! And the tire. Tibby was like, "Go through it?" Even though we have even worked on the tire at home!

This is the one where she runs off, like twice, he he he. Stinker. This was done before the last video - I'm listing them last to first. Anyway - see how she jumps through the tire no problem. But then our next run she goes around the tire? I don't know why. I'll have to rewatch the video.

Our first run of the night. I add my own FC 'cause I thought it was a good spot. THEN I almost run into a jump. Watching Tibby + running = I still can't do it!

I really like our Tues. night classes. It's nice to see that I can trust Tibby (mostly) off leash and she stays with me (mostly). It's also good for my handling - running into weave poles and jumps?????

And Tibby gets to see that agility is fun and it makes treats!

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Miss Kodee said...

Those were so fun to watch! Good for you. We did a foundations course in the summer - hard work, but so rewarding.