Tuesday, February 14, 2012

She Just Keeps Surprising Me

Tibby was so, so amazing at class tonight.  I think it was a result from our lesson with Loretta.  I kept thinking - trust her, trust her, trust her.  I did and Tibby did GREAT!!

The 2 things I wanted to work on were
  1. Trust Tibby and give her space.  I don't have to 'manage' her all the time.  Really MICRO-manage.
  2. Know the course.  Loretta said I should be able to do it with my eyes closed.  I tried!  I really really tried.  I walk the courses over and over - I was the first one to walk and the last one still walking it when everyone was ready to start.  But - I still forgot one course - bummer.
One new thing for Tibby was waiting for me while I walked the course.  She was NOT happy.  First I had her wait with Zoe's Mom (who came along to watch and is joining our class next week), then I had her wait in a crate.  She was SO MAD.  In her opinion, I was not allowed to be out there 'playing agility' with other dogs when she was in the crate.  Hmmmm, jealous much?  Everyone else walks the course with their dog. 

Maybe Tibby DID learn something at our lesson on Thurs!!!  Play nice or Mommy will play without you.

I thought her brain would be fried from all the tantrum throwing, but nope! she was still with me, focused, super star!

This first video doesn't look so impressive, but from where I was standing waaaaaaay far away from Tibby - it was pretty amazing :)

I haven't really practiced start line stays with Tibby, because up until now I have always been trying to get her reved up and running.  So I usually start with her.  Also, she could run away - so no start line.  Look at how she holds her position!!  And then she rockets off the line!  I wish you could see that I was keeping eye contact with Tibby and talking to her.  Just like Loretta taught me! :)

This next video is the first run of the night.  See how Tibby can go from class trouble maker to class super star (at least in my eyes LOL!)???  She's doing so much better! 

I tried to give Tibby her space and trust her, but still drive into the tunnels.  I hope I did it right!  It sure was fun!

This next video is the last run of the night.  Tibby had been throwing a HUGE tantrum - extremely noisy and NAUGHTY for a good 10 -15 mins.  She was over stimulated and waaaay over the top excited.  I had finally resorted to having her go into a crate.  I thought for sure this was going to be an 'interesting' run.

She did just fine!  Good girl!  I don't know how she did it, but she just shook off her hyper/crazy brain and ran.  :)

I really didn't like this run.  It's the one where I forgot the course.  Bummer.

I don't like trying to pull Tibby.  When I walked the course (a million times) I tried to think of a different way to run it - to push Tibby instead of pull.  The problem?  Well, Tibby throwing a loud and disruptive tantrum distracted me quite a bit!

I learned that Tibby CAN go in the crate during our class.  She CAN throw a mighty raging fit and still focus.  I CAN trust her!  If we hadn't had our lesson with Loretta I wouldn't know that :) 

Wow, I get such a rush of adrenaline from agility.  Just a few seconds, but it's woooo! such a trip!  Now I see how addicting it can be ;)


Diana said...

Great job!!! You guys did wonderful!

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