Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Agility Class Now With Added Friends

Another fun agility night. I was pretty wiped out from a very busy stressful work day, but I think we still did pretty good. I saw plenty of things to work on and plenty of good things.

I think it's funny that we take 20 seconds to run a course and then the next team takes 5+ mins. I know this because I taped some of their runs. So it would be more fun if we got to run more, but it's all part of the process.

Zoe's Mom went with us and ran Zoe. It was their first agility class ever. I have tried for the last almost 2 years (since I got Tibby) to share what I was learning about dog training with Zoe's Mom. It hasn't gotten me any where, so I just leave it alone. Everyone has to figure things out for themselves. If she wants to pull Zoe over jumps and push her into tunnels - after I explained that that was a bad idea - that is her own choice. I'm gonna guess that Zoe will eventually get it. Of course, I want more.....but like I said everyone makes their own choice.

It is nice to have someone to ride along to class with. I wasn't planning on continuing to go to classes after this one ended, but I guess if Zoe's Mom wants to keep going - it won't hurt us to go to class once a week. I find the 'advice' given in the class - odd and almost funny. For ex. :run like you are a one winged plane, keep your arm out pointing at each jump and don't say go, go, go, because your dog will think you are saying no, no, no. I said, "Tibby has never heard the word No." hee hee hee


Helen said...

I think your instructor might just be explaining things funny. The reason, you keep you arm up "like a one wing plane" is to support your dog and keep them out parallel to you. It may not seem that important now when you run pretty close to your dog but when you need to have lateral distance it will be important. You drop your arm when you want the dog to come back into to you so if you want your dog to stay out then you need to keep your arm up.
Hope this is better explanation. I can see it in my Beckett, dropping my arm before he is fully committed to an obstacle pulls him off the obstacle.

Loretta Mueller said...

She looks great chickie!! Love the tricks and you are getting smoother as a handler!