Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Week-end Is Coming

I'm so excited for the week-end!  We are going to the When Pigs Fly seminar with Jane Killion.  It will be our very first seminar and Tibby's first time staying in a hotel.
I think the seminar will be great.  Jane had us fill out a questionnaire about our dog and what we want to learn from the seminar.  Maybe everyone does this for seminars?  She also sent us homework to read. 

 I have her book - do you think she will sign it???

After last night, I KNOW Tibby will be noisy in her crate.  BUT the seminar information said there will be a separate crating area for dogs that can't be quiet in their crate. 

The part I'm debating is cover Tibby's crate?  Or only cover part of it?  No cover?  I think she would like part of it covered.  Last night when she was in the crate, and couldn't see the other dogs, she was a lot calmer.  But I don't want her to freak out either, so....
Oh yeah and it will be the wire crate NOT the travel crate :P
She escaped from Loretta's expen at our last lesson - oh, boy!
Can't wait for the week-end!  Adventure!  


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Yay!!! I'll be there for the 2nd half of the day on Saturday and all day Sunday to audit :)

I'm not sure if TCOTC is setting aside the entire building for the seminar, but if we are then there is a ton of crating room. If not, you'll have the choice of the annex where the seminar is actually being held, or the "Crate room" which is a small room on the other side of the building.

I usually cover my dog's crates just so they don't get over stimulated and could relax easier. As an added hint, I recommend bringing a chair :)

Catalina said...

Laura -Yay! I finally get to meet you :) It only took like a year LOL!!

scotsmad said...

Love the title!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

K-Koira said...

I would cover the crate, if I were you. With my experience at flyball tournaments (which, being much louder and more stimulating than an agility event, in general, have more of an issue with dogs getting too excited while crating), covering the crate works great for most dogs. Dogs that get super excited in their crates generally do better when covered completely, even if it takes them a while to actually calm down in there. Most dogs will figure out that being covered up means quiet time.

I did luck out with my dogs, though (or else did something right, though I don't know what), in that both of my pups can be crated at flyball tournaments with no problem, no noise, and they calm down and chill as soon as they get in their crate.

Have a ton of fun at the seminar!

Diana said...

Oh, thats exciting!! I dont know how much time he will spend in his crate but you could take some kongs and fill them. Or take a good bone and throw that in there . Sometimes that helps.

Helen said...

Cool an agility seminar! What a great way to spend the weekend. Beckett and I have one next weekend.

Catalina said...

Thanks for all the advice guys! I got a nice cover for Tibby's crate and a yummy bone, so fingers crossed!!!

Loretta Mueller said...

I always cover all my dogs crates, they don't have anxiety and are NORMALLY not barky....BUT..I think it gives them a place to be content and feel safe :) I'm so excited for you!!!