Friday, February 24, 2012

Running Contact Training - Up Ramp Is On

This running contact thing just keeps getting more and more complicated!  But I like it!  And so does Tibby :)  She LoVeS it!
So we raised the board up to 8 inches.  Then I was supposed to look for and jackpot only the deeper hits.  BUT all the hits looked the same to me.  I was very confused.  Best thing to do when you are confused?  Ask for help.

So I taped a session and sent it to Silvia.  She explained, "Now that she is jumping so high, jumping on it determines her stride, that’s why they look the same… It’s also starting to get a bit dangerous jumping on a narrow plank like that… I think a table would make it safer + would give you deeper hits."

Oooooo I can see it now.  That's why all the hits looked the same.  Tibby can only jump on to the board one way, so duh' her striding will be the same every time.

I do not have a table.  I know I should make one, but I haven't gotten around to it in the last 8 months.  I do have this handy rocker board - that we have used only once when Tibby was a little bitty baby.  It was one of the first (agility) things I bought - before we had ever taken a class or I knew what I was doing.  Next time I would just make a wobble board. 
BUT it works for this step of RC!!

 Silvia said, "I like that you’re getting a nicer variety now, some high hits, some deep hits (those that you marked with jackpot? are all nice and deep yes) and some leaps. I think that’s a good learning situation, better as just getting the same stride pattern every time. However, as you raise it some more, that up ramp will get a bit too short/steep, so if you have another somewhat longer (not 12′, just somewhat longer as that one) plank, maybe switch to that next."

And guess what? I have a baby teeter that we don't use too.  Guess we will try that for the next step!  Pretty soon I'll have to move this all outside.....hurry up spring!!!


Diana said...

looks good!!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

awesome!!! I love that she is really running!