Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weaving Some More

Tibby's weave practice from Jan. 27th. Trying some different things. I asked Silvia why Tibby is so much slower now. I closed the channel one step back in Dec. and ever since then she's been much slower. She said that is normal, as the channel gets tighter the dog has to think more about weaving and then is slower.

At class on Tues. the instructor said that she never teaches right sided weaves until the dog can weave on the left. She also just presents the weave poles and lures the dogs through. I just told her "We're doing channel weaves." She said, "Ok, you can just watch this part." Interpret this paragraph as you like ;)


Helen said...

Is your instructor using full upright weaves? I've seen a luring method with a clip stick (check Jane Simmons-Moake).

I trained Beckett with two by twos and channel. I think you get better entries with 2 x 2's but better drive with channel.

Catalina said...

Full upright weaves and luring with a hand in and out of the weaves.

Annnnd she's NOT my instructor :)

We're just using her class for distraction training. She knows that and says it's fine with her.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I love that you can do anything and she knows her job is to find the entrance and stay in them!

Catalina said...

Thanks Laura! Someone on facebook asked why I didn't just run ahead of her to get her to go faster, but I want her to just weave no matter where I am :) At least that is the goal!!