Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yo, ho, ho Weaving In the Snow

The weaves are getting closer and closer to closed.  I think Tibby is understanding how to get the entrance much better. 

These videos were taken a couple hours apart.  The 2nd one  - when I was getting set up Tibby stole 2 hot dogs and ate 1 1/2 of them before I could catch her.  So she pre-warded herself.  After we got done Tibby wouldn't come inside, she did loops around the yard.  Burning off those hot dog calories??

These weave poles are kind of wimpy, but I don't want to haul the good poles outside and get them all snowy.  I think it must be kind of hard to see white poles on white snow - when you are a dog - but Tibby seems to be able to see them just fine. 

We were just playing around and having some fun.  Trying different things.  Some times she doesn't notice me and other times she does and pulls out.  BUT mostly she stays in.  Good puppy!  I really love to see her thinking about the entrances.  I think (hope) once we do this with the good, sturdy poles she will be zooming through.  Also without the snow.  It was slippery.

Fun day!  After her zoomies around the yard - NOTICE the zoomies happened AFTER we were done training!!! -  she was tired.  Well, she was tired after her zoomies plus wrestling with Catty.  So she has mostly slept the entire evening. 

Very quiet, snowy evening.


scotsmad said...

Stole the rewards first....BOL! Way to go, Tibby!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Loretta Mueller said...

AWESOME!!!!! Great job proofing her already! I love it!

Kari in Vegas said...

woo snow time fun!

Stop on by for a visit