Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What A Nice Day

We had a nice long full of fun day.  I have 2 very tired puppies.
First we went on a walk this morning with my Mom.  Not sure if we will do that again any time soon.  Tibby's reactivity doesn't make a walk very much fun at 6am.  Too early for me to think.  Dhali had fun running and running and jumping and biting and grabbing.  I carried him twice, because he was annoying Tibby.  When he gets tired he grabs onto her harness and starts tugging on it.  You can almost see Tibby rolling her eyes at him.

Then we went home, the pups got a nice warm rinse off, because dew + road grime = yucky puppies (another reason not to take morning walks) and we took a little nap.  Tibby decided the best napping spot was on me, so she curled up, wet feet included, and snuggled.

Then we (my Mom helped me) did a TON of yard clean up work for 5 hours.  Dhali ran and ran and ran.  He also dug and snoopervised EVERYTHING.  Tibby stayed inside and watched from a safe distance.  She doesn't like the wheelbarrow.  She did come out and run around with Dhali a couple of times.  Dhali was very cute - of course!  He rode in the wheelbarrow, jumped out of it, tried to bite the tires, ect.  He followed me out of the yard every time I took a load of yard waste to the driveway.  Then he followed me right back into the yard.  Recall training!  He was really good.  His focus on me is always a surprise - I never take it for granted.  So different from Tibby.  He thinks everything is a toy - a stick, random plastic piece, weed, grass clump, my gloves, rake, shovel, ect.

After we were all done Dhali got a bath.  Tibby was happy that she had stayed inside - nice and clean!  He's easy to bathe - except that he always jumps out at the end.  Something to work on!

Then I went to run some errands and the pups took a nap - probably.

When I got home we played outside.  It's so much fun to have a dog that plays!

Then I did a quick little trick training with both of them.

I went to do a few more errands.

Came home played some more and did some more trick training.  The pups played a bunch.  Played with the new toys I picked up.  And now they are sleeping!

hee hee hee I CAN tire out a puppy!

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Charlene and Storm said...

ahhhh what a cute pic xxx
i would love to see a pic of how your garden looks now youve taken 5 hours to tidy it tho, should of done a before and after :)