Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jiggity Jig We Went To the Vet

Well, what a fun morning we've had.  NOT.  I took the pups to the vet bright and early this morning.  Got to the vet and realized that I had forgotten to bring my purse, so I had to drive all the way back home and then drive back to the Vet's.  I remembered Dhali's fecal, the 2 dogs, treats, a toy and the file with all their records + my list of things I wanted to talk to the vet about, BUT I forgot the money.  Seems to be important?  Today's visit was $238.

Dhali weighed in at 7.9lbs.  He was 5.38lbs on the 11th of July.  So he is getting bigger. 
Tibby was 22.8lbs. She weighed 22 at her last visit. 

They examined Dhali first, because Tibby was hiding behind the exam table.  He got his DHPPC and some wormer.  He didn't like the wormer very much, it made him reverse sneeze for about 15 mins.  They checked him over and everything looks good.  He didn't like his mouth handled, but I'm not too worried about it.  The vet said I should work on that.  Well, he's 10 weeks old and he gets picked up/mouth, ears and feet played with/brushed/examined 50 million times a day.  He's just spunky!

Then it was Tibby's turn....poor baby.  She got examined and then her first Lyme vaccine, a complete blood draw + thyroid panel and a hip x-ray.  I told the vet about how strange she has been acting for the last few months (since about April, maybe?) - not wanting to go outside or only sitting on the deck, not going down to the grass, not wanting to do agility, sleeping most of the day -except when I make her go outside, acting scared and nervous when she goes outside/away from home, wanting to sit in my lap and not interested in food.  The vet said I should try to lure her with food when she is nervous about something - like going outside.  She also thought Tibby might be in pain from her hips so they did an x-ray.  She said I could take her to a behaviorist if I wanted to.  This is sad, but I hope that something comes back in the blood work.  I really, really don't think it's her hips.  But I don't know for sure, of course.  It seems like Tibby has moods - sometimes she will run around and play like crazy with another dog in the yard and other times she isn't interested at all in doing anything.  When she's in the playful mood she with run up and down the deck stairs like it's nothing and jumps off of the deck!  I really do not think it's her body that is the problem.  I think it's her brain!  I'm not sure if I will take her to the behaviorist.  She is happy, if I leave her alone.  She does her own thing and isn't hurting anyone.  If she were pacing, panting and hiding underneath the bed all of the time I would take her, but she's just sleeping and really lazy.  She likes to play with Dhali.  I don't know what to do, but hopefully the vet calls soon with the results.

Edited to add:  I have been doing some 'research' while I wait for the vet to call. 

Hypothyroidism in dogs "Others will become fearful, whining incessantly, and showing nervousness in new situations or around strangersNoise phobias – particularly thunderstorm phobia - most commonly arise in this group. This is also the stage at which some dogs start to show other signs of hypothyroidism – lethargy, weight gain, reduced energy, change in the character of the bark.  Superstitious behaviors - watching the ceiling or wall for no apparent reason, refusing to walk on particular surfaces - may appear.  They sleep more, seek out heat sources, and show reduced scenting, hearing and visual acuity.  The behaviors exhibited by the experimental group included noise and thunderstorm fears; fearful/anxious/shy behavior; separation anxiety; hyperactivity; poor concentration/learning; compulsive behaviors; mood swings, irritability and aggression – primarily territorial. 
This sounds a lot like Tibby.  Suddenly nervous around new people, noise phobias, lethargy, reduced energy, refusing to walk on grass, sleeping and laying out on the burning hot deck when it's 90F outside, mood swings (!) and irritability.  Yeah.

I forgot to mention before that Tibby snapped at the vet and vet tech - which she has never, ever done. She was not a happy dog.


Benyw said...

My first Tibetan sounds a little like Tibby. She wasn't nervous at home or if she was with us, but she wasn't interested in people outside the family at all.
At about 10 months she became very lethargic and although she did have bursts of energy and would jump into my arms, she wasn't a lively dog.
Other than that she was a wonderful pet, great with my sons and visiting children because she didn't bother them.
We never found anything wrong with her but at 9 she developed Cushing's and she died a year later.
We remember her as cute, loving, sneaky (she would sit on the chairs when we were out!!), very intelligent, loyal and faithful. Not energetic, but nevertheless a lovely pet.
From Zactheallblack's blog

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

With any sudden change it's always good to rule out medical issues. It can end up in an "easy" fix or at least an answer!

Glad the puppy is still Mr. Spunky :)

Loretta Mueller said...

So sorry Tibby isn't feeling well :-( Poor girlie! I hope it is something simple!!!!

The baby is soooooo cute!!!!