Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Too Cute For

I have had a bad cold since Sunday. It should be against the law to be sick AND have a puppy! And I hardly ever get sick! I haven't been able to do much running around with Dhali, but I have had him playing with the flirt pole. He LOVES it so, so much. He's crazy for it. Even more than Ellie was. He's very fast too - for 11 weeks. Of course, his judgement isn't always quite right and he ends up head over tail when he tries to grab the lure :P>

I think Tibby is jealous of Dhali, when I play with him, but she doesn't know what to do about it. So I'll be sitting playing tug with Dhali and after a few minutes Tibby will slip under my arms and end up sprawled across my lap. Dhali keeps on playing and running crazy for the toy, so I guess it's OK. Tibby isn't interested in the toy or playing at all, she just wants to sit and get a cuddle. I wish they could talk :)>

Last week, before I got sick, I was running with Dhali and he bit me several times. Once was on the arm and MAN! it left a mark. It doesn't look too bad in the picture, but it turned purple, green and black. I can still see it and it's almost a week later! He has really sharp teeth.>

You will see that Dhali has a nice soft bed to sleep in. As long as he doesn't want to rip it up - he gets to keep it! Very cute to see him all curled up in it. Although, if he keeps growing at this rate he won't fit for very long! I measured him and he is about 12 inches tall at the withers. About, because he didn't really like the idea of standing still for me. Tibby is just under 16 inches, so he is really catching up on her! I knew he was getting taller!>

It's hard for me to know how to divide up his day. I want him to understand that he can and should relax when he is in the crate/x-pen, but I don't want him to spend a huge amount of time in there. So I bring him out for play with me, training/feeding and play with Tibby. In between those sessions he goes back into the x-pen. He did NOT want to settle tonight. Very loooong evening. I know he's getting enough exercise, but he can't be free all the time. For one thing he annoys Tibby and then she plays to rough with him. I don't want him to get hurt! How much time do your puppies spend playing with your other dog(s)?


Julia Dobbs said...

i stop my TT`s playing with my german shepherds after about 15 minutes because they just dont know when to stop. they really pester my old shepherd, who is very gentle but a bit doddery. the other shepherd will/has nipped them if they get too rough with her. They need to know that some dogs will bite if they are too rough, and so i allow them to play with her for controlled playtime. they respect her now! My TT`s are 18 months now, and they are as bad as they ever were!! lol

Diana said...

I let my dogs play together a lot. I think it depends on the puppy. If its a puppy that I think may bond to much to my other dog and not me. Then I may limit it. But otherwise , if they like to play together, I let them. Running around in the back yard chasing each other helped burn off excess energy.

Catalina said...

ha ha well, then of course I wonder - how do you know if your puppy is bonding more to your other dog? It does help a ton to burn off energy!! I am just starting to see Dhali get the TT crazies that Tibby had as a puppy. 24/7 party .... as in SLEEP? Who needs that?! :)