Thursday, August 2, 2012

Growing Up Too Fast!

These ae Dhali's feet!

And these are his feet too.

These are Tibby's feet.

You have no idea how difficult it was to get Dhali to hold still for those scans!  And Tibby is apparently too heavy for the scanner, so I could only get 2 of her feet at a time.  It was fun though.  Now Dhali and Tibby want to stand on the scanner all the time.

Yesterday I took Dhali to Runnings again and we bought some hay for the bunnies.  The check-out lady asked me what my cute puppy's name was and when I said Dhali, she said, "Oh, it's a girl!"  "No, it's a boy."  "Oh?"  "Yeah!  Like the Dali Lama...."  I don't think she knew who the Dali Lama was.  Whatever :P  I bet she won't forget Dhali's name!

Today we did lots of playing and running and playing and napping and some clicker training.

Tibby's labs came back with her Lymph elevated, but her thyroid was 3.8.  Which is normal?  I guess?  So I decided to start keeping a behavior journal.  Maybe I'm just paying attention to her when she is acting 'weird' and she's not acting like that all the time.  Also, as someone commented, maybe she's just that lazy type of Tibetan Terrier.  So far I can see that she acts strange in the evenings, but is pretty normal most of the day.  I think this is because of the baseball games in the stadium.  I put her Thundershirt on her and I could see a bit of a difference in her behavior.  She was willing to go outside with us again and wasn't running around in a panic.

She did play with me for a little while this afternoon.  The sad thing is that she acts like she is doing it just because I want her to, not because she wants to.  That seems weird, I know, but it's true. 

 I see a lot of differences between Tibby and Dhali.  I wonder if she would have been different if I'd brought her home when she was younger or if this is just Tibby.  Or if this is a girl TT thing?  Or ?

Dhali is such a little monster!  Wild and crazy and he gets into everything.  It's like having a 2 year old, but one that you can put in a pen when he needs a nap!  Tonight we played a race to a toy game.  Once he figured that out he loved it!  He also chased an skinny old black pipe that I found under a bush in the backyard.  He really wanted to catch that pipe!

But he can be very sweet and mature too.  Sometimes I forget that he's only 10 weeks (!) old. (still hasn't had a potty accident yet!) Last night he was laying in the living room chewing on a trachea for the longest time, just happy and entertaining himself.  Not bothering Tibby....she escapes from him sometimes onto the couch or the bed, but I've warned her that pretty soon he'll be able to get up there.  She might look at time in a crate in a different way.....


Catherine Anne said...

awww so glad to hear dhali's getting on well! can't believe that woman didn't know who the dali lama was... the ignorance of people never fails to astound.

Asta said...

Dhali is a bootiful name and he's adowabull..I doubt if Mommi could get my feets on a scannew..well done!
don't wowwy about Tibby, sometimes we just want to lie awound and do nothing..
smoochie kisses

Helen said...

They do grow up so fast. Keltic managed to jump up on the counch today, now Beckett has no refuge.

Diana said...

The feet pictures are way to cool!! Did Tibby's change start when you brought the rescue into your home or was it before that? Just wondering. Sometimes it takes a while for dogs to adjust.

Catalina said...

It started around the first part of April, so before the foster dog. I thought it might be just her getting to be an adult dog - and maybe it is! I'll just see how things go...