Thursday, August 16, 2012


"I bite!"

Dhali has a very interesting style of recall. I call it the Badger recall. He runs at me full speed (I'm kneeling down), jumps at my face with his mouth wide open and bites whatever is sticking out. Like my nose or cheeks or....hopefully not my eye. Tonight he got really close to my right eye. Everything always happens to that stupid eye too. That's the one that was lacerated almost 2 years ago - so, so painful. Only time I have ever gone to the ER as a patient.

I like the recall! I LOVE it! He's fast, happy and having fun. I would just like to not be bleeding or in pain after he recalls!

"I kiss your boo boos. *lick*"


Diana said...

Ouch!! Right when he gets to you, you better stand up to protect your face. Or hold a large toy right in his line of fire. Silly puppy!

Helen said...

Keltic and Beckett both did that. I think it's a baby thing. Beckett caught me right on the nose once and Keltic got me on the lip. They both grew out of it, yeah!!!