Saturday, August 11, 2012

11 Weeks Old and At the Farmer's Market


We went to the farmer's market again and my Mom and Dad went with us. It was fun! Dhali didn't want to be carried very much, so he bounced and hopped around on the end of his leash. He is SO SILLY! And cute! I wish I had a video of it, because it was very funny. He looked like he was dancing. Everyone loves him and wants to know what breed he is and if he will get bigger. We met a woman in a wheelchair with a 'therapy dog' that "is friendly! and just wants to say hi!". Yeah, friendly dogs don't usually growl???

He ate treats and was very attentive to get those treats LOL! He ate some treats from a few different people. He's so cute. But he gets into everything! Very interested in everything. He thought a rolling box/suitcase thing was so crazy - he wanted to chase it and he did a little jig when it went past and he couldn't reach it. Not scared of anything so far...

I played with him next to the parking lot at the farmer's market. We had played a bunch already, but he still wanted to play. He LOVES to run. He wasn't that interested in the toy, but he wanted to chase me, bite me, jump on me and bite/tug on my pants.

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Diana said...

What a cute puppy!!