Monday, August 27, 2012

A Pill For You

We went to the vet again this morning.  More shots and anal gland squishing....ewwww.  

Dhali is now 10.8 lbs!  He's getting to be a big boy.  I would love to know how big his brothers and sister are getting.  And how they are doing.  They are all 14 weeks old today.

I have been saying that Tibby was 14 weeks when I got her, but that was NOT correct.  She was actually 16 weeks and 2 days when I brought her home.  So another 2 weeks and then I can start to compare them.....see if they look similar/size.  Tibby had a really thick, soft, plushy coat as a baby (and adult).  Unless he does something in the next 2 weeks, Dhali will not have the same coat.  I can hope!  Maybe it's a boy thing.

Tibby weighed 22.8lbs....which is EXACTLY the same as last time.  Strange that she would be exactly the same weight?  

So now Tibby is on more drugs than I am.  She is taking Previcox - a pain reliever and Dasaquin + MSM - a joint supplement.  She also has Xanax to take as needed - for anxiety. From the Dr.'s note, "Her x-ray showed that she may have some arthritis in her right hip and her left hip isn't seeded as well as it should be in her left hip socket."

So weird to pick the Xanax up at my grocery store pharmacy.  "Um, a prescription for Tibbit?"    

Dhali did really, really well at the Vet.  In the waiting room he just laid down by my feet.  Tibby had to sit on my lap.  No really...she doesn't let me say no.  Either she sits there or I have 22.8lbs of dog flying at my lap until the lap gives in.

In the exam room he wanted to explore and whenever anyone came in the room he had to run over and see what they were doing.  I kept him busy while Tibby was having her exam and he was eating treats when she started screaming.  She HATES to have anyone touch her butt.  She uses some salty dog language.   Dhali was really worried about what was happening to his big sister.  He would eat a treat, run over to the exam table, run back to eat another treat, run back to the exam table.  It was cute and didn't seem to cause any permanent damage.  He had to go 2nd.  And he didn't say a thing when they did his anal glands.

He was a little bit more tired today, but also we were outside almost all day too.

I tried out the Xanax on Tibby tonight.  I just wanted to see what would happen, in case I need to use it.  So far not much.  She does seem really playful tonight and wanting to play and train.  I saw her play bow to Dhali, which is new.  
Of course, now I don't know if it was the pain reliever or the anxiety med that made her feel so good.  Or if she was just feeling frisky.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I hope Tibby does ok with the new drugs! Vito was on Xanax for quite a while but I was not a fan with him on it. Every dog does so different!

Catherine Anne said...

Aww glad they both got on ok :)