Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dhali's First Training Video

Here is a video of Dhali's first few training sessions. He also has a cute hand touch developing. A couple days ago I noticed he was sitting to get a treat. He must have seen Tibby doing that! I didn't teach it to him. My favorite part is when we are playing. Tonight we were playing and he launched himself at my chin....and held on! Owww! I have a serious bruise developing on my arm from yesterday too. He does everything at full speed. Funny little guy :).

The one thing I do not understand - when there are 2 identical tracheas - WHY does he insist on trying to take Tibby's!?!? She puts up with it for a while, but tonight she told him that she didn't want to play any more and it was her's, so get lost. So he laid next to her bed and barked at her! I put him in the living room with me (gate between them) and he still is running around the living room trying to get Tibby's trachea (treat LOL!). He has his own! And he has a high pitched boy..

There are so many cute Dhali moments, but it's hard to remember them all! On Fri. we went out to the cabin and he was playing with me in the yard. A few mins. later I called him and he came running and JUMPED into my arms. So cute!.

He started digging a hole outside today and was having a lot of fun with that....and eating dirt..

He's Really getting good at hearing his name and coming to it. So far he's come every single time. If he hears his name he whips around and looks for his treat..

Now he's stopped barking and is just laying by Tibby's bed, head on paws, watching her eat her treat. Oh, she just got up and BAM! Dhali stole the trachea! Now he's on the bed eating the trachea....awww he's so happy now LOL! Why he wants a half chewed trachea and not his perfectly new one is a mystery!


Catherine Anne said...

awww dhali is too cute! great to see him getting on well with his training, though he sounds like a trachea menace! :)

the eating dirt thing rings a bell.. nanook likes eating everything he shouldn't - car shampoo, bog water, sheep poo...!

Jenn said...

"...she told him that she didn't want to play any more and it was her's, so get lost..."

Aw, he's growing up. She's doing her part in the pack to let him know that he is only a puppy for so long, and then he has to learn some manners.

Don't be hard on her - this is normal dog interaction, and will make him a better citizen in your house! (of course, intercede if it seems out of hand)

Catalina said...

Thanks Jenn - It's good to know that they are working things out and that I should just leave them alone. That's what I have been doing so far. Tibby just gives him a growl and if he ignores her and goes for the bone again she snaps, but doesn't bite him.
Today they both had meaty bones and Dhali learned very quickly that he should stick with his and stop trying to steal Tibby's. It was neat to see them communicating! :)

Benyw said...

My young girl (6years now!)still acts the little puppy around Zac (8 years), and he lets her get away with murder!
If he has found a pine cone at the park he'll bring it home and she'll yip and whine until eventually he lets her have it. Big Softie!
I just let them sort it out. He will not let her eat his dinner so it only goes so far and she knows the limitations.
My very first Tibetan sounds a little like Tibby. She was nervous in strange places and liked to be with me all the time. She didn't like other dogs either despite being in the kennels running with a large pack of Tibetan's until we had her at 5months.
The two I have now are so different, energetic, playful and friendly with people and dogs alike.
I always say it is the difference between the European Tibetan and the Aussie Tibetan!!

Newdrim said...

He is awesome :) I really loved seeing him chase you in the video. Great job!
Your blog posts are really timely for me because I'm getting a tiny whippet girl in two weeks. Can't wait :)

Catalina said...

Congratulations! now where can I read about your adventures with her???? ;)

Newdrim said...

She doesn't have a blog... yet ;) If I'll set it up I'll drop you a note :)