Monday, August 27, 2012


 Dhali does the chute for the first time ever!! Yay! First Tibby shows him how it's done. What do you know, Loretta Mueller was right YET AGAIN. Jealousy is a powerful motivator.

 So funny that Tibby was totally into doing this to get her ball. Zero treats were involved in the making of this video. She's like, "Mouth off, little punk! That ball is MINE. No share."

 And Dhali coming out of the chute for the first time. Adorable. Like a little muskrat peeking out of is burrow.  Oh, what?  You guys didn't think muskrat?  LOL!

I think Tibby has made the ball a valuable reinforcer for Dhali.  It's so great when they train each other!  :)   I have been working with Dhali since he came home to fetch and play with a ball.  Seeing Tibby go crazy  (as crazy as Tibby gets - mild wild) over the ball made it SO much MORE EXCITING!!  After the chute playing we went downstairs and he 'fetched' the ball for a while.  Sometimes he even brought it back!  Actually he does pretty good at bringing it back.  I don't want to use treats (the way I taught Tibby to fetch), but rather I want the next throw to be the reward.

The reason we were playing inside?  Well, it was hot outside.  And my neighbor was out in his yard.  He's like that Wilson guy on Home Improvement, but without the talking.  Just the fence, big floppy hat and peeking over the fence. not playing outside with peeking people.


Catherine Anne said...

awww! adorable. he's so clever :)

scotsmad said...

Jealousy has always worked in this house. It's a powerful training tool.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Diana said...

LOL, very cute!!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Tibby looks like she was having fun!!
and of course Dhali is adorable.