Monday, August 6, 2012

Dhali's First Hike - Part One


This was Dhali's first hike! There are a TON of pictures, but I'm dividing it up into a few posts. Also, Blogger hates me again and is making it very difficult to post anything. Sorry if this looks weird! >

It was so beautiful yesterday - low humidity and cool, perfect weather. We HAD to go for a hike. Tibby hasn't been on a hike in such a long time - I felt bad about her getting Lyme's and the weather has been SO AWFUL for forever. Sweating buckets and ticks every where make me not want to go hiking - not sure why?! >

So I called Zoe's Mom up and we got the original hiking team back together! Tibby was SO excited. When she was me getting her harness and long line she was all focused on going with me no matter what. Dhali was like, "What are you so excited for?" :)>

So I planned on carrying Dhali for most of the time, but he was not having that at all. We took lots of rest breaks in the shade. A hike that normally takes us 40 mins. took 1 hour and 30, so we were walking very slowly. >

When we got home the pups both had baths - Dhali's first bath here and then after a short nap I took Dhali over to Zoe's Mom's house for a bonfire. I found 3 ticks on Tibby, zero on Dhali and one on the towel after they had both had a bath. None of the ticks on Tibby were attached, so that's great! >

Dhali was pretty good in the bath. He didn't scream, which I thought he might try to do (Tibby did for her first couple baths). He looked so sad and he tried really hard to escape, but by the end he was just standing on my feet (I stand in the bath with them, easier on my back!) looking like a wet squirrel. >

He had fun at the bonfire and got to meet a bunch of new people, a young (10 months?) yorkie, an old bichon and a kitten. Dhali thought the Yorkie was TOO crazy. Yeah, too crazy....I would have to agree. The kitten looked more like his speed, but the Yorkie was so over the top that he didn't get to play with any of them. He did get to sleep in his crate outside next to my chair (by the fire).....and then we forgot about him and he slept by himself (in his crate) when we went up on the deck! Sorry baby! He also went potty with out a problem in the yard again. Speaking of potty....Tibby had a very bad night. I gave her a raw meaty bone yesterday afternoon and it must have been too rich for her, because she had diarrehea ALL night long. And she didn't make it outside every time, so I was doing a lot of cleaning in the middle of the night. Poor little girl :( She feels fine now, though. Just made for a really long night.>

Prepare for VERY happy hiking dog faces! >

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