Sunday, August 26, 2012

Potty Training the Civilized Dog

Dhali was hot and tired.  He found the perfect place to rest his rear.

Yes, he is sitting on his water dish.

Either this makes him A) Brilliant!  First dog to invent an indoor doggie water toilet!
B) Idiot!  Dirty water!  Your bum is in your drinking water!
C)  Brilliant!  Air conditioning for the doggie backside!  Take a seat and cool...your seat.
 D)  Idiot!  Now you have a wet rear end and need to invent the doggie toilet towel.

Which ever letter you pick it's scary cute!  It must have been comfortable, because he sat there for a long time.

"Excuse me!  Can I get some privacy?"

"La, la, la, just sitting around."

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