Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nothing Wrong With Feelings

For anyone that was worried: I don't think there is anything wrong with Tibby. Except that she is the most SENSITIVE dog in the world.

I have been trying to teach Dhali to leave Catty alone, so when he goes to bite and tug on her ears I say, "Hey!" That's it. Not even in a loud or mean way. Tibby goes soft and crawls belly on the ground, trys to lick my face - super sensitive baby trying to appease the mean, 'angry' owner. Seriously, you would think I beat her. Which I don't!!! I don't even say 'no' to her, because she doesn't do anything wrong!

She is also very, very smart. Yesterday, I was trying to teach Dhali to bring back a toy. It's a crackle bottle in a sock. Tibby is VERY afraid of it and runs away when Dhali carries it around in her mouth. Apparently my, "Bring it back, get the toy!!!, get the toy!!, get the toy!!, get the toy!" was annoying her. She got up from her bed, walked over to the toy, put a paw on the toy and waited until Dhali got the message and picked up the toy to bring it to me. Smart dog. Scary smart. She is also showing me that she knows how to do all the tricks that I'm teaching Dhali, but she makes it obvious that she will do them once to show him and then she's done. Ahh Tibby, too smart for me. >

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