Friday, February 3, 2012

Jump Your Bones Pet Treats Review and Giveaway

Tibby recently received a package of Jump Your Bones Pet Treats to test.

She thought the package smelled amazing!  And she had fun pulling each package out of the box and giving them each a good sniff.

Then she started stealing the packages and running away!  They smelled SO GOOD!  Sorry the pictures are blurry - Tibby was moving fast!  When I took pictures of each treat she wouldn't leave me alone, they smelled so tasty and she wanted to get closer to them.

These are the Albacore Tuna and Green Lip Mussel treats. 
 Jump Your Bones Pet Treats have no added salt, sugar, coloring, binding agents, MSG, flavorings or preservatives.  They are what they say they are - no added ingredients necessary!

These are the roo bites and the lamb puffs.  Jump Your Bones Pet Treats uses an  exclusive DSA dehydration process that uses a low temperature and low humidity.  This process allows the product to retain its natural aroma.  Hence, the reason why Tibby thought they smelled AMAZING!  Also, Jump Your Bones Pet Treats are virtually FAT FREE, because of the process used to dry them.  Their web site is pretty neat, it shows the whole drying process.  Very state of the art!  Because of the DSA dehydration process the treats retain the same natural enzymes and nutritional value as the fresh product.

Very cool right?
  • Virtually fat free
  • Smell amazing (even to a human!)
  • No added junk, just the healthy meat or fish (they also do veg. and fruit too)
  • Unusual protein for those allergy suffers - kangaroo, tuna or mussels!
  • Same nutritional value as fresh meat (or fish or fruit,ect)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Want to win your own prize package of Jump Your Bones Pet Treats???

Leave a comment with your email and tell me why you want to win!
Tibby will pick a winner on Feb. 14th!!


K-Koira said...

My dogs would love to try out some of these treats! It is always great to find a new kind of treat that the dogs love.

flyballdoggear @

Helen said...

We would love to win a Jump your Bones treat package!!! Tucker has both high liver and pancreas levels and is supposed to be on a low fat diet. He is on prescription low fat food but low fat quality treats are hard to find.
Our e-mail is

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

yummmy! The toller wants one because he's picky! The corgi wants one because its edible.

Anonymous said...

We would love to win some treats because Riley is supposed to be on a big diet now that she's had knee surgery...she doesn't get to enjoy too many dog treats nowadays...only carrots and green beans, but are those really treats?!? ;)

Kari in Vegas said...

Those treats look awesome

Stop on by for a visit

Catalina said...

Congrats to Helen and Koira! Your treats are on their way - hope your pups love them!