Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tic Toc Thoughts

So our ST class started again.  I made a little video of us doing the sequence.  Hmmmm......Silvia suggested I try it with front crosses.  Oooo yeah, so much easier.  I was really concentrating on moving smoothly with Tibby.  That's my excuse!!  It's not the easiest thing, because I have to make sure she wants to keep moving and that I don't run into something.

We are also working on an extension/ collection exercise.  Or rather, I'm working on staying upright.  Apparently I can't stop and turn quickly!  It might have something to do with my shoes - they are worn down smooth from running around.  Everyone in class was very helpful....they suggested I start working out!  LOL!!  Ok, ok.  But can I just go do something with Tibby instead? 

Some things I have been thinking about:  I don't get the difference between a rear cross and a blind cross.  Why is the left side of the tunnel so bad and the right side so fun to run through?  Tibby will always pick the right side.  This video isn't a great example, because I was stupid and didn't use front crosses, but I tried it tonight again.  I can be standing pointing with my left arm at the left side of the tunnel and Tibby will take the right.  Repeat, but standing on the right, Tibby takes the right.  She goes through the right and I send her back to go through the left and she goes over to the right again. 
I have been watching a lot of agility videos (it gets dark super early and it's cold outside - don't judge!) and I have noticed that there aren't very many back sides of jumps or tight turns.  So why am I working so hard to teach Tibby cik/cap?  That is ALL we have worked on for a very, very long time.  TIC, TIC, TIC!!  TOC, TOC, TOC!!  And I still don't think Tibby gets it.  Every once in a while she surprises me and does a tight, beautiful turn.  And I guess she does jump closer to the jump upright.  I would like to make a winged jump.
That is all.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Crate On the Road

This is an old picture - Tibby has a much nicer fluffier dog bed in her crate now :)

Tonight we took crate training on the road.  It wasn't Tibby's first time being in a crate in a new place, it was her 3rd. 
Almost every Monday evening I have dinner at my Grandma's house, my parents also come over to her house.  It's fun!  We take turns cooking, but always have it at my Grandma's place, so she and her husband don't have to go out at night.  My Grandma's 88, but acts much younger.

Anyway, Tibby was great!  I put her crate next to me while we ate and she got to lick a yummy Kong.  Then after dinner when we were sitting in the living room she had a nice bully stick to chew on.  Oh, sure she tried to convince me that the crate was unnecessary.  Panting, a little whining, sad eyes, but I just ignored her and by the end of the evening (we were only there for 2 hours) she was happily chewing her bully stick and relaxing in her crate.

I would call that a successful training evening.
There was no barking.  Good Tibby!
Next, more nights of the same.
Then, more new places.
Finally, places with dogs.

I have plans for next year, but Tibby needs to learn to relax in her crate before then.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

DogEStylin Collar Review

Look at this!  Don't the colors just make you smile?
Kimberly at DogEStylin was nice enough to let us try out her Para cord collars.
The collars come in a couple of different weave patterns, this is the underdogg.

So, what's a Para cord collar?
Kimberly the owner of DogEStylin explains, "These are super durable doggie collars that are super cute!! They are made out of Parachute cord like the military uses.....I learned these knots while I was in the military and decided to put them to good use in the K-9 world. They were originally called "Survival Bracelets" because they can be taken apart and used in case of an emergency."

These collars are SUPER durable!  Tibby put her collar through several tests....one of which was thinking it was a tug toy!  After I rescued it, the collar still looked brand new!

The collars can be made using 25 different colored cords, so the color combinations are endless!

Kimberly sent one of her bracelets and key chains along with the collar.  Now I can match Tibby!!  Yay!

Kimberly volunteers with a rescue and fosters dogs.  Guess what each foster gets when it leaves for its new home?  A brand new DogEStylin collar! 
Oly is a rat terrier and the DogEstylin official cute collar tester.  What a lucky dog!

This DogEstylin collar is extremely cute, but check out this other collar that Kimberly made recently - Holiday Plaid Collar.  Isn't that an adorable idea?!?  Or look at these super durable Weaved Dog Leashes

Tibby says, "I'm DogEStylin!"

Check out DogEStylin if you are looking for a collar that is:

1 - Extremely durable
2 - Reasonably priced
3 - Unique
4 - Personalized
5 - Handmade

Tibby gives DogEstylin 4 paws up!   (Although she still thinks it should be a tug toy LOL!!)

Disclosure: I did not receive any financial compensation for this post. All opinions are my own and uninfluenced by anyone else. I received a free product to facilitate my review, but that did not affect my opinion

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

So I was one of the people standing outside Target this morning or yesterday night or whatever.  My little cousin wanted to get a laptop and I took her shopping.  We ended up walking away without buying anything.  Yay for us!  The thing I hate about black friday is the pressure to buy RIGHT NOW.  I like to think about and compare things before I buy them.  I know there were some great deals and I'm happy for the people that were able to find them, but the things I want, they don't sell in Target.  When they start selling training seminars and agility equipment at Target - I will be the first in line. 

So after Target and a couple other stores where also didn't buy anything we went to Perkins for breakfast (it was like 2am).  So bizarre.  There were whole families with kids, mom,dad,grandma, ect. all sitting and eating dinner/breakfast - at 2am!  Weird.  I was having a very hard time staying awake by this time.  I had to work Thanksgiving day and had been up since 5am.  Work was crazy and I was coming up on my 23 hour without sleep.  I can usually go for a few days without sleep, but I'm sadly happily out of practice.  I once worked 36 hours straight without sleeping.  This is not a good idea, because the amount of empathy you can have for sick people goes down quite a bit when you are on the edge of falling asleep standing up. 

Tibby was happy to see us when we got home.  She thought it was very suspicious when we left in the middle of the night to go shopping. 
Then finally we got to sleep.

This afternoon I took my cousin to a movie.  We have a tradition where I take her to a movie on Thanksgiving afternoon.  I was on call yesterday, so we went today instead.  This was our SIXTH year!  We started doing this when she was six.  I can't belive how fast the time has gone by.  We saw the Muppets.  I'll bet it is a funny movie.  I don't know, because the sound on our movie didn't work.  It would work for 10 mins and then be out for 15 mins.  Work for 5 mins and then off for 5 mins.  Ect. ect. ect.  Well, we won't forget this year's Thanksgiving movie!!!  The silent movie.

In case you're wondering......Tibby had a nice day too.  She LOVES my cousin and Tibby got to show off all of her tricks to her. 

Tibby also learned that if someone leaves treats on the table and then leaves, it is easy to jump on to the table and eat the treats.  Next time she won't take the box of Kleenex next to the treats.  Finding shredded Kleenex in her bed made her look a little guilty. 

Fun day for everyone.
Except maybe the box of Kleenex.

Watch Me Now

Daily Dog Challenge - 11/20 - Good Dog or Bad Dog

Which one was your dog today, and why? Creative interpretation is always encouraged!

There is a glint in Tibby's eye that says, "Do I look like a little angel in the pure white snow?  Well, watch me now!!"  Then she takes a flying leap off of the deck and zooms around the yard.  Digs a dirty hole - snow's not so white after that!  Finally she barks, because she wants me to come out and play with her some more.  Bark, bark, bark!  Come OUT and play!!!

One of the other participants in the challenge asked, "So what was the final verdict?"
I explained, "Well, she wasn't good.....not her fault though. Today I heard myself saying, "We don't say the N.O. word to Tibby."
I've worked REALLY hard to get her to tug and someone was trying (very forcefully) to stop her from tugging. After the first lesson our agility trainer told me, "We need to work on making Tibby naughty!" Since then I've tried my best to let her be naughty! It's so hard, because she's just naturally good *insert eye roll* :D

Maybe I'm just weird, but the naughtier Tibby is, the funnier I think she is.  Lucky she has me!
She's actually a very good dog.  Although I don't know what other people think is a good dog.  She thinks for herself, which I like, but other people might not.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eat My Snow

Daily Dog Challenge - 11/19 - Action

Capture a photo of your dog in action today.

Tibby's too fast for me!  All I catch is a waving banner of tail and some flying snow.

This was my 2nd choice for the challenge.  I forget now why I didn't choose it.  I like this picture!

I also liked this one.  Her ears are flying!  And she's tugging!  Yeah!

This is not action!

That's action!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weaves Weeks Ago

I haven't posted any agility stuff for weeks and weeks!  Sorry.  Our ST class is on a 3 week break, but it will be back up and running next week.

I made this video of Tibby weaving on Nov. 9th.  Aaaaand that's the last time we worked on the weaves.  I'm hoping for some latent learning.  Actually I have been very busy with an agility related project.  In the video you can see my basement OR what it used to look like.  I ripped out three walls (2 were little walls).  The flooring is gone, the lights are gone.  It's a big empty space.  Starting tomorrow, things are going in - new lights, new floor, new walls and paint.

In the end I will have 65 sq yards (1 sq yd = 9 sq feet)of working space.    Speaking of which....when did carpet get SO expensive?!?!  It's ridiculous!  Good thing I know a guy.  However, shopping helped me realize what a great deal I'm getting.

Outta the Bag

Daily Dog Challenge - 11/15 - In the Bag

Be it the dog or something else... Use your imagination and creativity to have fun with this one!

Uh oh!  Tibby and Catty's friendship isn't a secret any more!  The 'cat's out of the bag' as they say.....only this time she isn't. 

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to photograph a cat and a dog sitting in a bag on top of a bed?!  It wouldn't have been so difficult if Catty would learn to sit and stay!  Catty kept jumping out of the bag.  I guess if I was 7lbs and a 20lb dog sat on my head, I would jump out of the bag too.  Now of course, she won't get out of the bag.  Cats!

And a few out takes for fun.  Behind the shoot!

Cute Tibby....and Catty is outta the bag!

Both in the bag....eating treats.  Camera?  Where?

Squinty eyes.  No. Happy.  Lemme' out!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Snowflakes On Lashes

Daily Dog Challenge - 11/17 - The Eyes Have It
Make a photograph of your dog's eye or eyes as close as you can get.

This was harder than I thought it would be.  I kept getting snowflakes on my lens and then the camera wouldn't focus.
Or Tibby would move her head and I would get a nice shot of the ground.

Isn't there some song - snowflakes on lashes...hmm hhm hmm....these are a few of my favorite things.  You know that song, right?!? 

You can see the horrible bang haircut I gave her a month or so ago.  Bad mommy!  Yeah I'm not good with scissors.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Real One

I just realized that I posted the wrong "If I Only Had A Gun" picture on Saturday.
Oops!  This is the one where Tibby looks less than impressed with me.
Hee hee hee!

Wrapped Up

Daily Dog Challenge - Seven 11/18

Take seven pictures and show off only the fifth one. Be honest!

This was interesting.  Tibby wasn't so excited to sit in the snow, but a bite of cheese helped change her mind.  I was worried my 5th picture would be one of Tibby walking off or looking away, but I really, really like it.  Yay for the 5th picture!
I processed it a little bit, so the color is slightly different than the other 6 pics.  I gave it a 'golden' wash.  Mmmm like.

Picture number One and Two

Picture number Three and Four

Picture number Six and Seven


"Still Waiting"

Daily Dog Challenge - 11/12 - "Vintage"
Make a vintage style photo of your dog. You can use props, processing or anything else you like to make the photo look vintage.

This photo is brought to you by the trick 'be shy'!
 Yes, the stone was freezing cold - it was about 25F.  Ah, the power of cheese.  Tibby will do whatever if a piece of cheddar is offered in exchange.
I was also very brave and took off her collar and leash for this picture.  We were in a lovely furry animal filled forest, so I had a good reason to be afraid she would run off.  BUT she didn't!  Go team cheddar!

"Come Home"

Faithful Tibby waits for someone to come home and light the fire in the hearth.

I, of course, didn't just take one picture!

Tibby was such a good girl.

I think it's amazing I got this much light. The sun was going down and this fireplace was in a dark stone building, but the sides were open. It was a picnic shelter.

Be Shy! 
"Ok, Mom!"

I also liked this picture a lot!  Tibby doesn't even look real.  What an elegant model.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Personality Plus

More photos to show off Tibby's personality.


Daily Dog Challenge 11/11 - "Personality"
We all have things we love about our dogs. Take a photograph today that captures your dog's personality or an aspect of it.

Every trail is Tibby's catwalk.  Tibby struts her stuff and woos squirrels from the trees.


Tibby has SO much personality!  It was hard to decide on what kind of picture to take.  Rolling on her back?  Chasing Catty?  Zooming?  Sleeping? 
If she didn't have so much personality I wouldn't have so many pictures of her!  Right?  ha ha

"I will have cheese....cheeeeese."

"Strolling along, with a leaf on my chin....life is just a walk in the woods."

"Come on Mom!  Just one more trail!"

I took all of these pictures on the same day.  It's interesting to see the different types of habitat (?) we walk through.  Grassy fields, pine forest, leafy tree forest.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's Snowing!!

It's the first real snow of the winter.
Tibby is happy!
We took a long walk and she pranced the entire time.  She also rooted around with her snout in the snow after every third step.
We have more than 5 inches so far and it isn't stopping.