Sunday, November 27, 2011

DogEStylin Collar Review

Look at this!  Don't the colors just make you smile?
Kimberly at DogEStylin was nice enough to let us try out her Para cord collars.
The collars come in a couple of different weave patterns, this is the underdogg.

So, what's a Para cord collar?
Kimberly the owner of DogEStylin explains, "These are super durable doggie collars that are super cute!! They are made out of Parachute cord like the military uses.....I learned these knots while I was in the military and decided to put them to good use in the K-9 world. They were originally called "Survival Bracelets" because they can be taken apart and used in case of an emergency."

These collars are SUPER durable!  Tibby put her collar through several of which was thinking it was a tug toy!  After I rescued it, the collar still looked brand new!

The collars can be made using 25 different colored cords, so the color combinations are endless!

Kimberly sent one of her bracelets and key chains along with the collar.  Now I can match Tibby!!  Yay!

Kimberly volunteers with a rescue and fosters dogs.  Guess what each foster gets when it leaves for its new home?  A brand new DogEStylin collar! 
Oly is a rat terrier and the DogEstylin official cute collar tester.  What a lucky dog!

This DogEstylin collar is extremely cute, but check out this other collar that Kimberly made recently - Holiday Plaid Collar.  Isn't that an adorable idea?!?  Or look at these super durable Weaved Dog Leashes

Tibby says, "I'm DogEStylin!"

Check out DogEStylin if you are looking for a collar that is:

1 - Extremely durable
2 - Reasonably priced
3 - Unique
4 - Personalized
5 - Handmade

Tibby gives DogEstylin 4 paws up!   (Although she still thinks it should be a tug toy LOL!!)

Disclosure: I did not receive any financial compensation for this post. All opinions are my own and uninfluenced by anyone else. I received a free product to facilitate my review, but that did not affect my opinion


Sagira said...

Different and cute. :)

Wyatt said...

Looking Pretty in Pink, Tibby!


jet said...

I like it... could you unknot it and use it in an emergency just like the bracelets?

scotsmad said...

Very clever collars....we think they'd be great for tug-o-war, too.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

Kari in Vegas said...

we have been talking about getting those for the pups for our hiking trips

Stop on by for a visit

kimberleesf said...

Thank you so much or the wonderful review!! And im so glad you like your and Tibbys new bling!!!

Yes they can be taken apart just like the bracelets and used in case of emergency!!