Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Cloud Studio Collar and Leash Review

Kat and Amy from A Cloud Studio let Tibby test out their unique dog collar and leash design!
The collar and leash are extremely well made and they look so elegant!


Kat Cloud explains the road that led them to designing these beautiful collars and leashes, " I moved to Winooski VT with the love of my life Matt in 2009. Trying to find jobs after college and just living life as a young couple until Matt relapsed with Leukemia in December 2010.......In April of 2011 Matt and I went to Boston Children's hospital where he stayed a few months for a bone marrow transplant. After returning home Matt was doing great and on his way to a year of recovering from the transplant. During this time we planned our wedding and futures together, including getting a dog that could keep up with Matt like he always wanted, a Hungarian Vizsla.

In October of 2011 Matt relapsed again with his Leukemia and we stayed in the hospital for upwards of a month because he was too sick to go home. We quickly realized the grim reality and spent as much time with our families at the hospital. On the morning of 11-11-11 Matt's mother Amy and my brother did the most amazing thing ever...they planned a wedding with hospital staff and decorated the family room on our floor. Matt and I had the most amazing wedding I could ever dream of, complete with a balloon arch. Matthew B. Cloud passed away the morning of 11-13-11.

Matt's family has been wonderful and comforting during everything. Right before Christmas Matt's parents helped me find a Vizsla puppy to keep me company. I named her Harper after an inside joke with Matt.
Matt's mother Amy went with me to get her and being completely unprepared to welcome a puppy into my life I had nothing on me, like a leash and collar. On the way home from our trip we stopped at a chain pet store to purchase a leash and collar only to find that the options were slim and overpriced for ugly, not fun designs.

Covered in puppy puke and drool I thought out loud to Amy "I could make these and make them look better." Matt's mother is a talented VT crafter and encouraged me to pursue such an idea. With her help we created K Cloud Designs chain of puppy ware 'Puppy Love.'"


Tibby shows off one of the leashes unique features: a carabiner lead.  Before we got the leash I wasn't sure how this feature would work.  After trying it out I have to say it's really nice!  It's very strong and easy to attach to the collar.  My Mom has arthritis and she thought this was a great idea for a leash snap.  She always has trouble fumbling with the tiny snaps on Tibby's leashes, but the carabiner made it so easy for her!  She said this should be marketed to all arthritis sufferers! 


Each leash is lovingly hand made by Kat and Amy Cloud.  They use high quality webbing, ribbons and will even personalize your leash or collar with a fabric (such as a blanket or piece of clothing) that has personal meaning to you.  They also stitch this cute label to each leash!   "I love my dog"  I loved looking down at that when Tibby and I took a walk - so cute!


Tibby shows off the curved plastic buckle on the adjustable collar. 
They have a LOT of fabric color and design choices - from solid colors to plaids to prints to pokadots!
If you need help deciding on a color or print (and you might, because there are a ton to choose from): Just tell them a little about your pet's personality and they will help you pick one out.  I LOVE the one they picked for Tibby!  It's PERFECT!


Isn't it gorgeous! 
I think Tibby looks super elegant in her new A Cloud Studio Collar and Leash!


Check out A Cloud Studio if you want:

  • A personalized collar and leash
  • made from high quality materials
  • with a unique carabiner  design
  • and sweet touches like the I love my dog tag!


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Helen said...

We ordered a new martingale collar and leash for Beckett for agility from

You can also see her products on Facebook - Leashes by Lindsay.

I have a slip leash right now but it gets caught in his hair trying to take it off in the agility ring.